Wednesday, January 6, 2021

21 for 2021 & Word of the Year

Now that I've got my book list finished (priorities), I'm ready to talk about the rest of my goals for this year. This is my...4th? 5th? year doing one of these lists. Obviously the amount of tasks gets a bit larger with each year (not sure how many more years I'm going to be able to keep this up), and this year's looks a bit...ambitious, at first glance. But I'm weirdly organized with habit trackers and motivation? Who knew.

Maybe my Virgo side is coming to light more as I age. Who knows. The point is....even the things that might look hard to accomplish have been planned out into a reasonable situation, and I'm pretty excited about it. I mean, anything's gotta go more smoothly than 2020 did.

Here's what I hope to accomplish in this new year:

My 21 for 2021 list |


1. Do Yoga with Adriene's 30 day challenge in January. 
2. Send a handwritten letter or card every week (or at least 50 for the year).
3. Read 30 purchased-before-2021 books that are already in the house. (13/30)
4. Finish working on the mudroom.
5. Organize our family recipes into a recipe binder. done!
6. Workout 125 times.
7. Read 100 books. 
8. Write 100 blog posts. (39/100 done)
9. Complete 6 months of my healthy habits challenge.
10. Read + study a course in miracles.
11. Get the covid vaccine. (both doses in!)
12. Start a little embroidery side hustle.
13. Try 30 new recipes.
14. Keep a weekly manifesting day.
15. Keep a weekly spiritual practice.
16. Make an Etsy or other handmade purchase monthly.
17. Organize & backup all my pictures and clear up my phone.
18. Keep a weekly hygge evening with Matt/the family.
19. Watch through my Hulu list.
20. Complete my critterpedia and/or museum on Animal Crossing.
21. Free space for a 2021 goal that comes up later. (this one ended up being publishing my journals)

I've already gotten started and I am so excited to knock out this list. I've gotten some loved ones involved on some of these, too, which makes them extra exciting.

I also love to choose a word for the year - I'm not the very best at remembering my word by the time we hit July, but it bubbles up for me every now and then and redirects my focus when it does. I'm really excited about this year''s actually two words.

2021 Word of the Year |

For me, it means a couple of things. It is first a reminder to approach all of my goals and life changes with careful, loving, progress. A lot of the time I find myself so excited by whatever ideas or goals I have that I hyper-focus on them before completely burning out. And then nothing ever gets 100% done. I don't like the idea of maintenance, but I've been the hare in the tortoise vs hare race of my life for too long and nothing truly worthwhile gets done. Changing that!

It's also a reminder that as we come out of this pandemic - based on some obvious assumptions, like that we'll have access to vaccines and that time and better leadership will begin the process to getting this under control in the next year or so - to be kind and careful with myself and my family. We're all going to have to re-adjust to a totally new normal, and I'm sure a lot of it is going to feel exhausting and overwhelming. It'll be important to rest and be careful with ourselves and each other.

I love goal lists and hearing about people's words of the year, so if you've got either, share them with me? I'd love to see it! Lots of luck to all of us - Happy 2021!

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