Friday, February 26, 2021

23 Current Favorite Links

The sun is shining, which for the previous month and then some was a rare occurrence. I'm feeling good today. You're good to me, sunshine.

Last week I wrote this whole post about how I'm experiencing seasonal depression currently, and I didn't post it because....I don't know why. I guess I didn't want to be overshare-y girl. If I had a platform that I felt like needed to hear the words I wrote, I would have posted it. But, I don't didn't feel necessary for the people that happen by this corner of the internet. Maybe someday. Maybe in one inbox or another if you'd like to chat. But not here, today.

Today...a collection of the random and the fab - things that have been a part of my life lately. 

Blooming Books Embroidery

+ I've had so much fun stitching up this adorable Blooming Books embroidery pattern from Jessica at The Mom Creative. One of my friends joined in, too, so I've really enjoyed chatting stitches and colors and seeing our creations come together. The pattern is totally free and you can still grab it!

+ I'm almost never without a necklace - like ever, ever. I've ordered a few super affordable trendy pieces recently that I love - this anthro inspired oversized monogram, and this paperclip chain

+ One thing I never, ever thought I'd be capable of is cutting another human being's hair. Quarantine said otherwise, so I needed some new tools. I'm shocked that I haven't totally ruined my boys' hair, but I'm still a little nervous for the day they make it back into the salon and a professional has a look at their heads...haha. I have this set and these shears and I wouldn't even try to review them because I have no actual hair knowledge or expertise, but they're working for me!

+ If David Rose and Stevie Budd had a child, it would be me. So naturally, I needed this sweatshirt and this tee (in teal). They haven't arrived yet and I do not love that journey for me.

+ I invested in Dogecoin. I am clearly not the primary investor in my household, haha. I have a "for fun" account on Robinhood and it's wild watching the cryptocurrencies ride the rollercoaster of Elon's tweets.

+ I got new ApeNsons bracelets last week! This Free Britney one and this Ew, David one. (Naturally.)

+ I've been on a bit of an organizational kick lately and I'm breaking free of the minimalist shame of "don't buy containers, throw away everything you own!" You guys - containers are LIFE CHANGING. I recently got this set to organize my pantry, these to organize my fridge, and this to organize my nail polish. They are all my new favorite things.

+ Ariana came out with new music! I didn't want to re-buy the same album (she released a deluxe version of positions), but I did buy three of the new songs. Test drive, worst behavior, and main thing. Love!

+ I got a new box of books from Book Outlet last week - sigh, my favorite! If you're a book nerd and haven't shopped with them yet, here's $10 off your first $25+ order! They have a few books currently that I loved last year - like American RoyalsThe Switch, and Emergency Contact.

+ I've been trying to really focus on self-care to get me through the end of winter (because of that previously mentioned seasonal depression and all). This looks like tackling things in small bites, lighting candles, trying new beauty products, and wearing intentional outfits every day - even when I'm going nowhere (which is always). I just ordered one of these head massagers the other night to add to my evening wind-down time and I'm super excited about it.

+ I made a couple of quarantine impulse purchases this week. It's a thing. One, is a bra I've heard great things about (mostly because of its lack of a wire and overall comfort and that's kind of my bra MO at the moment), and the other is a pair of sneakers I've wanted forever that dropped in price and I had to grab them while I could! Even though...these won't see the light of day for who knows how long.

Too many favorites? Maybe, haha. Sorry not sorry. :)

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