Friday, April 30, 2021

Friday Favorites: Spring '21

Happy Friday! And Happy almost-May. Life is so much better with sunshine and flowers!

And with all of these things, too.

Animal Print Adidas Sneakers

These New Sneakers!
I was totally influenced to buy these - as soon as I saw them I knew I had to add them to my growing, already too large sneaker collection. They are called the Adidas Swift Run X Sneaker in the color Core Black/White. I am obsessssed and already eyeing up the pink ones. I got mine on Nordstrom, but I know Dicks also has them, as well as the actual Adidas site.

Super Enthused on YouTube
We have a Disney trip booked for next year, and the last time we took the kids they were too little to really understand any of it. They are SO excited to be involved in the planning this time, so I've been telling them all the things about WDW and showing them videos. I stumbled on this channel recently and LOVE it! Jackie is so upbeat and happy and sunshiney and she does such a good job of sharing her fun while also telling you cool things about the attractions and restaurants she visits. I love watching her channel! If you're a Disney fan, check her out for sure!

This Ariana Collab
Have you heard this yet?! I can't stop listening to it. I don't know what it is, but I'm in loooove. On repeat over here. Super vibey.

Brixton masks at Nordstrom

Brixton Masks
I grabbed a leopard print one of these from Nordstrom when I ordered my sneakers and I LOVE IT! I went back and ordered a grey one as well. They are such great quality - sturdy, great fitted shape - and they have both a nose wire and a filter pocket. I don't usually use the filter pocket but I did the day I went to get my vaccine, just because I was so close to a few people. These are so great!

spring lilacs

This Weather Tho
Buffalo is a rollercoaster in Spring. Last week we had half a foot of snow. This week we were outside in short sleeves until dark. It's wild, and I hate the deceptively cold days and the ones with flurries in the air, but I LOVE the fresh air and sunshine days so, so much. 

springy breakfast

Yogurt Parfaits for Breakfast
This is my breakfast jam this time of year. Produce starts to improve a bit and I wake up to sunny skies craving something fresh. I usually I throw in strawberries and blueberries with my granola, but I also sometimes add pomegranate seeds or raspberries. So good.

Monday Hair Products

Monday Shampoo & Conditioner
I'll be honest - I gave this a shot because of the packaging, haha. I love it so much! But this stuff is SO GOOD! My hair has felt incredible since I started using this. I got the volume shampoo (because my hair has no life of its own), and the gentle conditioner because my hair gets damaged pretty easily, and I think it's the perfect combo! I'm a total convert. I got mine at Target, but you can also get large bottles on Amazon.

My New Living Room is my Favorite!
I mean, it's not new. It's not even 100% finished. But it's so BRIGHT and clean and refreshed and styled for ME since I decided to update it that it energizes me every time I see it. Check out all the details here if you missed it the first time around!

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Have a great weekend! <3

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  1. Those sneakers are really cute & the leopard mask too. We're going to FL in June, but not spending much time at Disney. Half day maybe. We wanted to check out some different things that we haven't seen before.

    1. Hey any time in Disney is a good time! Which park are you going to visit??