Monday, April 26, 2021

Last Minute Monday Pt. 2

Shipping issues have foiled my plans again and last Monday felt a little less Monday-ish when I sat down to write in real-time, so I thought I'd give this a try again. Maybe I'll make it a regular occurance?? Maybe.

The first thought that bubbled up: there are 8 more Mondays of virtual school and that both feels like "thank God" and "holy crap that's way too many." My kids do their very, very best to make it as painful and difficult as possible. Am I THE TIREDEST of being their school-day referee. At the same time, I am overwhelmed by the thought of making decisions for next school year, or seeing how they'll adjust after this bizarre year. Sigh. It's just, all the things. 

*sips coffee*

So how was your weekend? 

Mine was wildly uneventful after a week of chaos and stress. I spent all week trying to get ahead of it all - chores, groceries, blogging, projects (house and otherwise), preparedness items in case we felt sick. Why would we have felt sick, you ask? Because we got our second doses of the vaccine on Friday. (insert da butt dance here)

vaccine #2

It was just as easy and painless as the first one. Our side effects were nearly identical to last time. ("Our" being me and Matt, who got his 2 hours before me.) Friday evening we got weird, heavy, pressure-filled tension headaches followed by fitful sleep. We were a little tired and sluggish both Saturday and Sunday, and dealt with sore arms. But that's really it! No real complaints. We were lucky. I do think some of our luck came from the intense hydrating we both did Thurs-Sat. I'm talking a glass of something (either water or Gatorade) every half hour. 

Now that I'm past the threat of feeling like trash over it, I've been mostly focused on the possibility and excitement of being fully vaccinated. I am SO thrilled to visit the library and Target soon. And something I kept thinking yesterday (that, okay, is slightly morbid) is, my kids won't be covid orphans. The gratitude that fills me with is...incredible. I know I'm wildly lucky to be able to say that with confidence and so, SO many others have not been so lucky, but the gravity of that truth is not lost on me. I know the privilege that I've now been afforded and I am endlessly grateful for it!

I don't plan for things to change all that much. I won't be afraid to quickly pop into places when I need something anymore. I'll dine on a patio with a table of other fully vaccinated loved ones. But I won't hang out in enclosed spaces with the general public or with others who aren't vaccinated. Mostly because while the risk is very low, while my kids wait for approval for their own vaccines I won't risk bringing it home to them. It's still all about the kids for me. 

So yeah, I diiiid...nothing. For two days. Other than dishes and laundry and meals I mostly just hung out in bed and read and watched TV. Not mad about it, but definitely not a whole lot to report today.

I'm looking forward to warmer weather, May beginning, and some more normal in my near future. What's new in your world?

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