Monday, April 19, 2021

Last Minute Monday

I had a post scheduled for today, but it required something to come in the mail that was a no-show. So while I sit here helping my first grader do his first gradin', I thought I'd just....type and see what comes out.

How was your weekend?

Mine was pretty great, really. On Friday I baked cookies and we dunked them in milk while we watched Falcon & Winter Soldier and then Soul. (Can we just talk about how easy it was to dislike that sorry excuse for a Captain America replacement? Blech. No thank you.)

On Saturday I worked on a really exciting project (details coming soon), followed by steaming old carpet glue off the wall of my mudroom. Yes, the wall. Not sure whose bright idea it was to bring the outdoor carpeting up the wall, but they did. We've been trying to get that room updated for more than a year - we're so close. But that was a hurdle that needed jumping and I'm super glad it's behind us.

Yesterday I did my usual Sunday things. Lots of laundry, chose my outfits for the week, changed the sheets, and worked on this week's meal plan. I also cleaned our room and did some organizing. The boys went fishing while I did all of that and their pictures were so, so cute. They were just radiating joy. 

And today we're back at it.

Steaming carpet glue off a wall
carpet glue nightmare.

It's sunny and gorgeous and going to hit 60 today, but we've got measurable snow in the forecast which is weird and unexpected this deep into April. I'm willing it away. Our leaves are blooming early this year and if that snow ruins their progress I will be the saddest.

So speaking of shipping and things not arriving - I've had 4 late or missing packages through Fedex this week. One of them was a meal delivery box that was SO late, it was stinking on the conveyor belt so they tossed it. That was a kick right in the meal plan. The lady I talked to was great, though, and she said that the reason everything is a mess lately is because they're handling the vaccines. So, if your packages are all jacked up, that's why!

This morning, my littlest (the first grader) had the assistant principal on his call to answer questions for the kids that are going back into school next week. Our district announced that they are going back to 5 days of in-person instruction (they were previously on a hybrid schedule with 2 in-person days a week), so some of the kids have to switch classrooms. It's a whole mess, and I'm not happy about it. I know everyone has their own opinions on this, and that's fine, but I think it's nuts that they are shuffling these kids around with only two months of school left. Virtual learning is still an option (that we chose), and we are very very lucky that my kids' teachers were chosen to remain the virtual teachers. Many of their classmates are going into school, though, with a brand-new-to-them teacher. Even some of the ones from other virtual classes are now being moved to my kids' classes because their teacher has to go in person now. I'm not sure how any one is getting any substantial learning done with all of these changes.

It's all just so weird to hear and experience and make decisions about. The whole school experience has been wild.


This week I'm focusing on just trying to have everything caught up. Groceries, dishes, laundry, the general state of the house. Matt and I both get our 2nd dose of the vaccine on Friday and reports of side effects have been so varied, we want to be prepared for a weekend of feeling useless. We'd really hoped to space the timing out more between us, but with the availability of appointments at vaccination clinics, this is just how it worked out. I am SO excited to be fully vaccinated, though. I can't wait to visit Target and Home Goods, celebrate my oldest friend's birthday, share Mother's Day with my family, and pop into small businesses that I've been dying to check out. May is going to be great!

Oh - I also did a little ordering this weekend. ;)

I got these super cute animal print sneakers (if you click it might not stay on the right color - the color I got is Core Black/White). I also got a few masks - this leopard print one from Nordstrom, and three from Vera Bradley (black, pink, and scattered wildflowers). I also scooped up the entire Mrs. Meyer's lilac line because I do every spring. My favorite!

Time to go get this family's school day wrapped up so we can grab some of the sunshine waiting for us!

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