Friday, April 16, 2021

Recent Amazon Favorites

Last Summer, a good friend of mine started a gift giving group on Facebook. She did it to bring a little light to our quarantined lives, but the group lives on! All of the members created an Amazon wish list to share with the group, and we gift each other little goodies whenever we can. And uh...maybe gift ourselves sometimes, too.

Because of that group and some recent home improvement projects, I've come across some things worth sharing!

Neutral heishi bead bracelet set

I love this black-white-gold bracelet set! It came with the three heishi bead ones and the little gold beaded one. (The paperclip chain is part of this set, and the other two are from Apensons on Etsy.) The set was less than $7 and super versatile. There's also a colorful version.

decorating adhesive

These little gallery putty stickers came across my Instagram feed right when I needed them. I used these to secure my new art arrangements in my living room and they're so great! They stick really well and keep your pictures and knick knacks securely in place, but when you need to move them you just stretch them like you would a command strip and they come right off. You get hundreds of them for less than $10.

open toed Summer slippers

I love these slippers! I'd gotten a really great pair for Christmas, and I love them, but they are cold-weather slippers for sure. I wanted something a little more airy and light for the warmer months, but I still like to have something on my feet while I'm working around the house. These are so cute! Their price fluctuates a bit, but I grabbed them when they were $17, and while I wanted the versatility of black, they come in a lot of colors. They're so soft and comfy!

bubble pop game

My boys got these bubble popping fidget toys in their Easter baskets and I think I might be more obsessed with them than they are! You can play a game with them (in which I am undefeated) but you can also just sort of zone out and pop the bubbles because it's fun to do. Amazon has a set of three for under $12.

silicone scalp brush

I didn't know I needed one of these, but I am obsessed. I recently added this scalp scrubber to my shower routine (along with a new shampoo brand) and the combination has totally changed my hair game. My hair comes out cleaner and silkier than ever before, and it feels like getting a head massage in every shower. This little guy has been great so far, and it's only $7.

Alexis Rose's A Necklace

I think I've already mentioned this necklace in another post, but I love it! These anthro inspired giant monogram necklaces have been on my radar forever, but I think they came back "in" because of Alexis always wearing one on Schitt's Creek. So glad they did, because I love mine! I like to pair it with a gold paperclip chain. The one I got was only $8 or $9.

Instant digital meat thermometer

This is the best thermometer of all time. I said it. Maybe I'm just biased because our last one was actual trash, but I love this thing! It automatically turns on and off by extending the actual thermometer part, and it gives you a reading in seconds. I've used this with meat, but also for scalding milk and getting the right temperature of water to proof yeast and it's worked incredibly well in all cases. No wires or cords like our old one had and it doesn't take up a ton of room. Plus, it's only $12 currently - and worth every penny.

floral adidas sneakers

I think I shared these shoes once before, but I stalked them for a long time. I scooped them up when their price dipped to somewhere in the low $50's. They are SO cute in person and they're super comfy and perfect, right out of the box. I'm love them so much! They're my new favorite sneakers.

acrylic nail polish organizer

I don't know what took me so long to find an actual solution to my massive nail polish collection. I had messy baskets and containers with them all just tossed in there, but this organizer is SO much better. I love it!! Of course, I was shocked to see that I had enough bottles to fill the entire thing immediately - oops, haha. Love this thing, though! I paid $14 for it.

Tell your bank account I said I'm sorry! ;)

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  1. We have that thermometer too for our kitchen and just LOVE it!