Monday, July 19, 2021

My Camp Readaway 2021 TBR

Yay, Camp Readaway starts TODAY!!! So excited.

We've got reading sprints on Instagram today in case you'd like to join us? I'm hosting at 1pm EST, and Alisha is hosting at 8pm EST (7 central). Stop in! :)

Camp Readaway 2021 reading challenges & reading list!

Meanwhile...I wanted to share my TBR with you! Things have been so busy and I've been trying to get the bits and pieces of this challenge ready to go for weeks, so I'm just now getting around to posting my stack! First, here's a reminder of the challenges I'm trying to complete:

1. Read a book that reminds you of your childhood
2. Read a book with flowers, a tree, or leaves on the cover
3. Read a book you've owned for more than 2 years
4. Read a book only when you're wearing pajamas
5. Read a book by an author that shares your name or initials
6. Read a book in the great outdoors or with a campy prop
7. Guess how many books you'll read this week & try to beat it

And here's what I chose:

The Babysitter's Club: Kristy's Great Idea
& American Girls Meet Samantha

For challenge #1, I chose two books. I've wanted to re-read these equally as bad, and figured that some short and sweet children's lit would be perfect for a readathon! I read both of these series (though maybe not in their entirety) when I was in grade school, so these definitely remind me of my childhood. I'll probably read Kristy's Great Idea while I wear my pj's for challenge #4.

Instructions for Dancing
& Meet Me in Paradise

For challenge #2, these two books with flowers on their covers are from my summer reading list. I've wanted to get to both of them pretty badly, so I'm excited to tackle them both next week! I know I'm setting a president here by picking two books for the first two challenges, haha - but I swear I'm just extra. Mostly because there are enough overlapping, non-specific challenges that I wanted to make sure I had enough picks to get me through the week!

Keeping the Moon
and possibly...
What to Say Next or
Through to You

Here I go picking even more books for one challenge, haha. For challenge #3 I chose Keeping the Moon, but the other two are my backup books if I end up with extra time when I finish the rest of the challenges. I've owned all of these for more than two years, so they all fit this challenge and it gives me a little flexibility.

Then Came You

For challenge #5, I felt like Jennifer Weiner was an obvious choice for me. I have like four of her books on hand (not sure why I haven't gotten to them?) and this one is the shortest. I normally don't pick books to read based on their length, but a readathon is a different story!

For the last two challenges, I'm not sure which one I'll read outside or with a camping item, yet. But for challenge #7 - my guess is that I'll read 5 books and I hope to read 6. I normally read more than that during a summer readathon, but since I'm running things this year I'm thinking I won't have as much time as normal.

I can't wait to get into this stack! If you're reading with us, share your TBR with me! And for all the other info related to Camp Readaway, visit my camp page here.

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