Friday, July 16, 2021

What I Read in February

Um, it's July and I'm just getting around to reviewing February's books. I am the actual worst!

Thankfully it wasn't a super busy reading month so let's catch up quick, hmm?

What Would Frida Do? by Arianna Davis (3 stars)
Frida Khalo is such an interesting person. Admittedly, I didn't know a whole lot about her before reading this book, but I knew enough to admire her creativity and colorful persona. I chose this book as a BOTM pick mostly out of curiosity, and I'm so glad I did. This book tells the story of Frida's life, but in a way that challenges the reader to consider the lessons present in every milestone, roadblock, and moment of artistic expression. This was a great, personal look at Frida's life and the lessons she has to offer us all about living unapologetically. 

What I read in February of 2021|

Say You Still Love Me by K. A. Tucker (4 stars)
I was never a summer camp kid, but for whatever reason the idea has always been intriguing to me. I love stories from both perspectives of camper and counselor, and an angsty love story set in the woods and cabins and organized activities of camp is a special kind of summer vibe that I am obsessed with. So, this book was perfect for me. Based in both the past (at camp) and the future (at a ritzy real estate firm), Piper and Kyle navigate the waters of young love, wealth inequality, heartbreak, and the skeletons in their closets. I loved witnessing their early days and their modern day tension - I was rooting for them all the way.

The Ex Talk by Rachel Lynn Solomon (4 stars)
If you like the hate to love trope and/or listening to podcasts, you'll love this one. Based in Seattle, co-workers Shay and Dominic are assigned roles as fake ex's in a new podcast about relationships. The two have the kind of playful animosity their boss wants for the show, so they do their best to pretend they were in love once upon a time as they advise listeners on how to navigate their love lives. I listened to this one as an audiobook, which I think really played up the podcast side of the story and I loved that.

Much Ado About You by Samantha Young (4 stars)
Umm I loved this one. Evangeline decides to shake up her life when things don't seem to be going as planned. To do this, she rents a place above a small English village's book store and also agrees to work there during her stay. Listening to the details of her running this little literary haven was so cozy and lovely, but the highlight was her relationship with Roane - the villages young and handsome farmer. It was suuuch a good whirlwind romance and I was obsessed with every second!

Shipped by Angie Hockman (4 stars)
My favorite thing about this book was the meandering descriptions of the main characters' time in the Galapagos. Henley and Graeme are long distance co-workers who were sent on a cruise together to help their company market their cruise vacations. There's some tension between them because of past professional dealings, but they are civil through their travels and excursions, and eventually their animosity is all but forgotten as they enjoy their tropical vacation and get to know each other better. This is a really great summer read, and I recommend the audiobook for this one as well!

Will I get March finished before August?? Taking bets. (If you bet against me you'll win.)

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