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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2021

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2021 Haul |

I love this sale so much! It's one of my favorite Summer events. I use it to stock up on the more expensive basics I love while they're at more affordable prices, and to grab some special pieces that I don't find in my typical shopping experiences the rest of the year. I think I got some pretty great pieces this year! 

And it was funny, because we were on a quick overnight trip and I had to set an alarm for 3am while on vacation to shop. I don't remember the sale starting overnight like that before?? Worth it, though, because I grabbed some beauties and quick enough that my orders didn't end up canceled. Which has definitely happened to me before! Here's what I scored:

Grey Plaid Shacket

Thread & Supply Shirt Jacket
I have to start with the shacket! It makes me laugh every time I say that. This wasn't on my original wish list, but as hauls and try-on videos started up and this made an appearance in nearly all of them, I couldn't stop thinking about it. I couldn't decide if it was just too trendy for me, but for only $32 I decided it was worth trying. I ended up realllly loving it - it's so warm and comfortable, and super cute worn open like a jacket. As of this writing, this color is sold out, but things might pop back up for public access today.

simple black tory burch crossbody
Tory Burch Carson Zip Top Crossbody Bag
This was the first order I placed because it was at the very top of my wish list! I didn't have a nicer, date-night level purse and really loved how simple and small this one is. It's a perfect size, and is a really great price! It's 60% off, and worth every penny. It cost less than my Tory Burch sandals, and looks so great paired with them! And, to my shock, this one did not sell out!! I was so sure it would.

ruffle sleeve free people shirt

Free People Natasha Ruffle Sleeve Top
This shirt immediately jumped out at me, but I had no idea it was Free People at first. It definitely has a little bit of that unique free people style, but it doesn't have that flowy, bohemian flair I usually expect to see. I just love the sweet ruffle sleeve detail so much! This is totally sold out as I'm writing this, but I'm hoping it comes back in other colors! It runs a little on the smaller size compared to free people's usual sizing - I was the most comfortable sizing up in this one.

blue floral free people top

Free People Print Clare Tee
This is the other Free People item I got - I totally missed this when I was building my wish list and when I saw it in some try-on videos I rushed to grab it! I love a good floral tee, and I have many by free people that I love for being the softest, lightest tees ever! This one runs a lot smaller than most free people tops. Usually they feel huge to me, but this one runs small and I sized up to get a perfect fit. 

the best spanx leggings

SPANX® Booty Boost Active 7/8 Leggings
These are my favorite leggings ever! They are very similar to Aerie's offline leggings but with more of that spanxy-tight hold. They are so comfortable and supportive, but at almost $100 a pair I don't exactly stock up on them. The anniversary sale is the time to buy, for sure! These are currently sold out, but keep checking! I peeked for days and finally grabbed a pair in my size.


Wit & Wisdom Ab-Solution Skinny Jeans

I've had a bit of a denim obsession lately, I'm not sure why. I guess I'm on the hunt for more pairs of "pull them on and they're perfect every time" jeans, instead of like...2 of those plus a mix of "these are just okay" jeans. Even when I find a great pair sometimes, after wearing them out and about, I later decide they're not quite perfect. The only ones I have with staying power so far are Good American, but those are so so pricey. I only own the two pair I do because I was lucky enough to snag some hidden clearanced pairs at the rack! So recently I grabbed a pair of J Brand jeans, and then during the sale I thought I'd give these a shot. They have all this interesting elastic and bands inside them that sort of pull and lift and support, and I haven't gotten any farther than trying them on, but I think I'm going to really love these!

super soft off the shoulder thermal

Treasure & Bond Off the Shoulder Thermal Knit Top
This shirt so SO CUTE. Like, ridiculously adorable. And not only that, it's not stiff or scratchy like some thermal tops can be. It's incredibly soft, cozy and flattering and looks great either with a strapless bra or a cute bralette. I got it in the black, and loved it so much that I went back for the cream. I hope that one goes through - it said there was only 1 left when I ordered it! I'm not sure if it will be restocked for public access or not, but there's a really pretty blue color, too! You should note, though - this shirt is pretty short. It's almost cropped. I ordered it in two sizes, and kept the bigger size for the length. 

cream thermal

swiss dot puff sleeve top

CeCe Puff Sleeve Mixed Media Top
I love a black tee more than anything else in my wardrobe. But sometimes I get a little too comfortable just pulling out the same classic black tee and I want something a little more special. I love a little accent sleeve so much, and this one gave me Kate Spade-ish swiss dot vibes. It's adorable and feels super delicate in person, but it is shorter than I would have liked and I do wish I could size up in it for the length.

bp. sweater

BP. Rib Crewneck Sweater
This sweater is SUCH a deal. Seriously consider grabbing this one!! It's less than $19, so flattering, and SO cozy! This one is cropped intentionally, so just be aware of that and know that it's probably best with high waisted jeans or leggings or even a skirt. I actually bought the black one first (below) and kept going back to peek at the purple one before I finally broke down and grabbed it. I loved it even more...and so I thought I'd grab the tan one, too. It's such an affordable, adorable sweater with its subtle little balloon sleeve and snuggly style. I sized up both for coziness and length, and they are perfect!

tan cropped sweater


BP. Plaid Long Sleeve Minidress
I went back and forth on this dress so many times, and I don't have it in my hands yet so time will tell if it's cute or just too trendy. I think it looks really comfy and cozy and like it would pair well with some leggings and booties, maybe a scarf. Ya know...really add on the layers of basic, haha. It sold out for a while so I'd let it go, but it popped back in stock and I had Nordstrom notes to spend, so I grabbed it. We'll see!

soft throw blanket

Nordstrom Bliss Plush Throw
Hey look I got something that wasn't clothes or a purse! I really wanted something simple and neutral for the couches this fall, and this just seems totally lush and cozy. I could have gotten something a little more creative as far as color goes (the Olive Honey is a gorgeous fall gold, and the Teal Atlantic is honestly gorgeous), but I wanted something that would stand up to messy kids and pets and span the seasons.

So, during the Influencer level of the Nordy sale, along came the Rack's Clear the Rack sale. I don't have a Nordstrom store nearby, but I DO have a Nordstrom Rack, and their shipping to store is free. So I couldn't help but grab a couple of super affordable cuties.

hot pink champion sweatshirt

CHAMPION Powerblend Graphic Boyfriend Sweater
I used to be a rabbid hoodie girl - one of my best friends actually slapped me with a "no more hoodies" mandate a couple years ago. (I didn't listen, lol) But in recent years I'm finding that I like a good quality oversized sweatshirt more than a hoodie. They just feel more wearable or something? I don't know. I'm constantly buying everything in black and grey (and there's a super cute grey version of this one!) so I decided to get a little crazy and go for the Barbie pink. I sized up to make sure it's ridiculously cozy - I don't even care if I end up overwhelmed by fabric. Cozyyy.

unique hem tee

14TH AND UNION Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt
This shirt came in a handful of colors, but I restrained myself and just got a basic grey that will go with a lot of things. I loved the little split hem detail! This was only $4 and change during the clear the rack sale, so it was kind of a no-brainer staple purchase!

So, I'm still waiting on 6 of these things - shipping has been a little sluggish, so be aware of that! But everything I've gotten so far is my new favorite everything. I love it all so much!

Did you grab any of these? Let me know if we'll be twinning! ;)

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