Monday, July 26, 2021

Last Minute Monday - Pt. 5

I guess it's Monday??

Summer does that to me. The late nights and the busy days and the familiar peaceful, sunny mornings all start to blend together and I never know exactly when I'm existing. I'm 0% complaining. I love Summer life. And I know my days of being home with my boys for their summer breaks are numbered. (Boo that.)

So, I'm coming off of a week-long readathon and about 5 hours of swimming yesterday so my brain is kind of like....can we not? Alas, my house suffered while I spent hours and hours reading, so my fridge is bare and my basement has formed a new Mt. Laundry and there are Legos over every square inch of my living room. Ya girl needs to get to work. So I wanted to keep today's post simple.

Summer is summering over here. It's kind of wild how normal it has all felt. I both expected and didn't expect that this year? Pandemic life is just so odd. As soon as we were vaxxed up I knew things would get a little more flexible, but at different points of the late winter & earlier spring I had varying timelines in my mind. And while we've returned to a lot, visited with many, and let a lot of normal back in, it's a careful balance with my younger, unvaccinated kids. It's just always on my mind in one way or another.

But we've fit in a lot of good summering, and my freckles are out of control.

I gave myself July to just be and enjoy. To let it be Summer, and just Summer. Because last year? I spent damn near 90% of it worrying about what the school year would look like. I wrote "just in case" IHIPs and googled curriculums and talked to every parent I knew of in the district. I spent my evenings dialed into dramatic, uncontrolled zoom calls with the board of education. And at the end of it all, no one even knew what was happening when September started. So who cares if we end up in a rush or scrambling to figure out what's right? Everyone else is in the same boat, and the chips will fall where they fall. We'll wing it, like we've been doing for a year and a half already, and we'll be fine. Because it turns out...everything gets decided eventually. 

Unfortunately, though, July is coming to an end. Which means as soon as August hits, I can no longer ignore the school supply lists or the figuring out school clothes and the blah blah blahs of it all. (Boo that also.)

But August IS my birthday month, so we can't be too mad about it.

The last (maybe?) of my Nordstrom sale orders get here sometime today. I'm telling you now because on Wednesday, I'll have a post of all the goodies I scooped up just in time for the sale to go public. Ya know, if you're into it and plan to shop. Which according to my Instagram followers, is none of you. I'm sharing it anyway, lol.

Well, I love chatting with you, but if I don't get off this computer and start filling an Instacart order, my family members are going to riot. So excuse me while I go hunt and gather. Happy week. xo

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