Friday, July 23, 2021

Summery Friday Favs

Happy Friday! It's been a busy, summery week with both really hot sunny days and intense summer storms, so it felt like a good time to gather all of my recent favorite things from this summer so far. 

Here's what I'm loving lately!

pink purple and blue hydrangeas   bathroom bouquet

Fresh Flowers in the Bathroom
I don't know why it never occured to me to put flowers in the bathroom before because I am obsessed! We were having company for the 4th of July weekend, and I had bouquet that was a little in the way of the counter space needed to cook for a crowd. I stuck them in the bathroom thinking they'd be safe there when I realized...they looked kind of amazing. I've been rotating fresh flowers and vases in there ever since, and it makes me happy every time I step in there. (And yes, those insane hydrangeas are real!! My MIL grows them at their cottage in the finger lakes and gave us some. So gorgeous!)

repurposed tie-dye clothing    reviving second-hand clothing

Radiant Janes
I found this local woman-owned creative business at a nearby farmer's market recently. They specialize in tie dye, though they carry all sorts of creative things including jewelry, embellished lighters and dried fruit and flower framed mirrors. I lingered around their stall for entirely too long. I bought a tank and a matching scrunchie, and ended up coming back for another tank. They're my new favorite summer pieces! Though most of their selection is found locally, they do have a website where you can find some of their beautiful goods - check it out HERE.

healthy treats   oatmeal berry cookies

Breakfast "cookies"
I've been making some health moves this Summer, and ended up with a serious carb craving after a few weeks of effort. I don't see carbs as evil, just that I know there are healthier ones than others, and until I reach my health goals I want to be careful with my choices. My friend sent me a recipe for 4 ingredient breakfast cookies (which I spiffed up and made 6 ingredients, but the extra two don't really change the health factor) and they instantly became my "indulgent" breakfast of choice. Have you ever made these? They're just a ripe banana, rolled oats (1/2 cup per banana), dash of salt, dash of cinnamon, splash of pure vanilla extract, and whatever berry (or berries) you'd like to toss in. Bake at 400 degrees for 18 mins. So easy, and they hit the carby spot.

Nordy Sale 2021

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale
I have a whole post coming next week, but I couldn't let a favorites post go by without mentioning it. It's been one of my very favorite distractions, as it is every year! I love finding pieces that are little more unique and special than the basics I pick up from more affordable sources through the year. The things I've ordered have been shipping slowly, and I'm sure they're suuuper busy but I'm dying to get all the beauties I've found! 

Weight Watchers Cilantro Lime Chicken

Lime on Everything
I've found that a lot of the healthy recipes I've been trying out have lime or lime juice as one of their ingredients. This feels like such an obvious "duh" thing, but I can't get over how much flavor there is just by adding lime to things! One of my favorites is this cilantro lime chicken with cilantro lime rice and a little bit of avocado on the side. SO good!

Backyard Flowers
I've never really gotten into flower gardening as much as I have herb and veggie gardening. Not that I'm an expert on that, either - super not. But I've still tried year after year. This year I ordered some flower seeds and my kids have had fun filling containers of their own that we've arranged around our fire pit patio. I love watching their progress and seeing their colors emerge. Flowers are such a favorite of mine - always and forever!

Dua Lipa
I'm not a new Dua fan, just having a Dua moment. I saw her in concert before she was huge-huge - she opened for Bruno Mars. I'd already liked a couple of her songs, but after that concert I was hooked. Especially after hearing IDGAF live. This Summer I've been hitting replay on We're Good and Levitating.

summer drink glasses

Lemon Glasses
My MIL gave me these glasses years ago and I only remember to bring them out for Summer every couple of years. I don't know why! I'm so glad I remembered them this year because they've added a little brightness and festivity to my summer. I love seasonal dishes. She also gave me her Christmas dishes recently so I have a whole different set to pull out for the holidays this year and I'm ridiculously excited about it. Don't be surprised if I eventually end up with fall and spring dishes, too. ;)

summer readathon

Camp Readaway
If you missed my post about it, my beloved summer read-athon was skipped this year. Not sure if it's done forever or for a minute, but I've become so accustomed to a July week of reading my face off that I couldn't handle it not happening sooo I made my own! I have had the best time getting to know some fellow book lovers on Instagram and chronicling my reading days. Even though it's more work building this challenge myself, it's still my favorite week of the Summer. I may make it a yearly thing? Possibly. If you have any interest in reading a crap ton or seeing my reading-heavy week, check out my highlight called "CR 2021!" on my Bookstagram.

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Happy weekend! <3


  1. I love hydrangeas. I've always wanted some in our yard. Those lemon glasses are really cute.

    1. I've tried growing them many times but they don't like my yard! So I'm glad others have some to share with me! haha

  2. I love those pretty tank tops! Your bathroom flowers are just lovey too. I have never thought of putting flowers in the bathroom but could see how they'd brighten the whole place up.

    1. Definitely! I don't know why I never thought of it before!!

  3. Love the lemon glasses! Yay for seasonal dishes!

    1. Thanks!! Seasonal dishes make everything more fun!

  4. Those hydrangeas are beautiful!! They are such pretty flowers! And your backyard flowers are so colorful. I love that Virgo Rae Dunn mug! Can't wait to see what you've read during your read-a-thon. I'm always looking for new book recommendations. Hope you had a great weekend!

    1. Thank you, I hope you did, too!! That might be my favorite Rae Dunn mug ever!!