Wednesday, August 11, 2021

A Mostly Bookish Birthday Wishlist

I know, this is frivolous, but I love making lists. 

Of anything and everything. I'm a Virgo and half of an enneagram 5, so...I literally can't help it. ;)

So even though I am an actual fully grown adult, I still like to make wishlists. And this is some of the stuff I wouldn't mind getting for my Birthday later this month!

A Book Stamp!
I don't know why it never occurred to me that this is a bookish tool I need?! I have so, so many books and I'm sometimes hesitant to lend them out in fear that I'll never get them back! At least with a stamp I can make sure my books' home will never be forgotten...and I also nerdily kind of like the idea of being my own personal librarian. I really like this one from Stamp By Me Studio on Etsy - it's a cute design, and even reminds the borrower to return the book!

An RGB Bookmark
I recently discovered Gigi and Bo on Etsy and ordered some of their Schitt's Creek bookmarks. (They just shipped yesterday, I can't wait to get them!) I really love the green bookmark - that quote has always stood out to me for obvious reasons, and I love Ruth! 

Introvert Sweatshirt
Books and introversion go together like pb & j, and I LOVE this sweatshirt! I love the off the shoulder style, I love the bird and flowers (two of my favorite things!) and the saying is so, so perfect. I just love everything about it - including that it comes from a small business with an appreciation for humor! The company is called Boredwalk and they have so many great pieces - I want so many of them!!!

Hair Pearls
I'm not sure what occasions I'd even wear these for, but I just picture them twisted into a cute bun or some braids and I think they'd be soooo cute! I live for girly little details like this, and I have no daughters so I have to play with things like this myself! haha This set of twelve is $9 on Amazon.

Hair Claw Clips
This would not be my first round with these beasts - they were all the rage when I was a teenager! I wore them pretty religiously because they were so insanely easy and I was so wildly lazy, lol. Do I want them again for the same reason? Youuuu bet. I like these neutral colors - these 4 are $10 on Amazon. 

My Book Wishlist
I want a lot of books....endlessly. I sent this list to my husband so he can pick whatever he wants for me (sometimes the surprise is the best part!), but I am really hoping to get this Autumn poems book! It just sounds like such a lovely start the day with a sweet fall poem with my morning coffee. I found it here, on Amazon. (And here is my whole book list!)

Starbucks Syrups
Ya know, the fall vibes are on their way, and I love the idea of making my own yummy drinks at home. I love a trip to Starbucks, but sometimes it's nice to just stay home and cozy (on those rainy or snowy days). I wish I could get my hands on their peppermint mocha situation (whether it's syrups or sauce...I'm not really sure), but this set would give me some good options! It's $20 on Amazon, and you can also get a pack of 4 in one flavor. 

I love a good puzzle, especially in the fall and winter. I found a lot of good ones and while I think I want the one above more than anything (don't you just want to be in that exact situation right now??) I really kind of want them all, haha. This super cozy reading puzzle is $18.50 on Amazon. Here's some of the others I'd really love to get:

Barn Dance: $18 on Amazon

Floral Map: $13.50 on Amazon

Fall Gazebo: $14 on Amazon

Christmas Carolers: $17 on Amazon

Bird Portraits: $17 on Amazon

I also have a set of stemless wineglasses on my list (my set of 4 has broken its way down to 1!) and some fall-inspired soy candles (the Opalhouse ones at Target are my favorite), but they don't seem to have them listed just yet. I love the appley and outdoorsy scents.

Have any other bookish or introverty ideas to share with me?

This post contains a few Amazon affiliate links at no cost to you! That means if you click through the things I shared from Amazon and shop, I may make a small commission. It's teeny tiny, but every little bit helps support my blog, and I am so grateful! xo

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