Friday, March 25, 2022

5 Book Deals for Spring

Week 2 and I'm already breaking my own rules. The books I have to share with you today are not under $5, but they are totally worth it. I felt really inspired to pull some springy books together to share the spring vibes with you, and I did my best to find the place with the best deal on each.

I'll give you a couple links to some of them so you can poke around - keep an eye on the cheapest prices: they might be used. Which may or may not matter to you. :)

Here are five affordable Springy books I think you might love:

A Book That Takes Its Time

A Book That Takes Its Time by Irene Smit & Astrid van der Hulst
I got this book a handful of years ago, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I'd often read it on my backyard patio or on my hammock under my favorite tree. It's the perfect book to do exactly what the title suggests - take your time! It's full of inspirational quotes, ideas, illustrations, and even recipes. It's a great resource for getting the creative juices flowing and getting into some outdoorsy springy vibes.

Find it here: Book Outlet (cheapest) | Amazon

Nature Anatomy

Nature Anatomy by Julia Rothman
I homeschooled my kids for the first half of the school year, and I'd originally found this book as a resource to use for science. It's wonderful for that, but I also just enjoyed reading through it. I learned so many little facts about nature throughout this book, and loved Julia's illustrations. It's light, quick, and beautiful, and will for sure get you excited for more time outdoors.

Find it here: Biblio (cheapest) | AbeBooks | Amazon

The Hidden Life of Trees

The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohllenben
I love trees - like, a lot. I adore them and am fascinated by them, so I really enjoyed learning more about them with this book. If you've ever wondered about trees at all - how they grow, how they get so tall and sturdy, how something so large grows from something so tiny - you'll love learning about all of that plus a lot more you might never have realized trees are capable of. It's incredible! Bonus points if you read this one outside with the trees.

Find it here: AbeBooks (cheapest) | Amazon

A Poem for Every Spring Day

A Poem for Every Spring Day, Edited by Allie Esiri
I actually haven't read this one, but I have the Autumn version and love it! I love to sit with my morning coffee and read the day's poems. Not to mention the covers on these poetry collections are gorgeous! This is on the pricier side of everything else on the list, but I love them and couldn't pass on sharing - this book is such a vibe for spring!

Find it here: AbeBooks (cheapest) | Amazon

The Nature Fix

The Nature Fix by Florence Williams
I really enjoyed learning about the importance of spending time outdoors in this book. Learning about things like forest bathing and noise pollution was really interesting and helpful, and got me to think about being among all the green and growing things in a new way. This is a great read if you're looking to fit more outdoors time in your life or you have an interest in the physical and mental benefits of being outside. Everyone should know this stuff!!

Find it here: Biblio (cheapest) | Amazon

And, a bonus, because this looks gorgeous. It might also be the most affordable coffee table book I've ever seen? So you can get your ultra-good deal fix with this one.

New York in Bloom

New York in Bloom by Georgianna Lane
I haven't read this, but it seems like it would be gorgeous to flip through. It's full of photos from plants and flowers blooming around NYC. It sounds like a really pretty contrast, though I love flowers anywhere you put them. :)

Find it here: Book Outlet

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Wishing you breezy, blooming, gorgeous reading days! 

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