Friday, March 18, 2022

5 Books for Less than $5

You don't have to know me for very long to know that I love shopping, I love books, and I love a good deal. And when it comes to books specifically, if you like to own books or you have dreams of building your own beautiful library, it gets pricey. I own too many books, for sure, but I would never be able to without bargain shopping.

I'm not sure that everyone is aware of how inexpensively you can find books? My favorite methods are: shopping the library's book sales, garage sales, using Book Outlet, and sometimes the buy 2 get 1 deals that Target or Amazon host from time to time. Book of the Month is not as much of a bargain, but if you want brand new releases and the most current reads you can get your hands on, that's for sure the most affordable way to do it. 

Now that I've given you all of my secrets...let me share a few specific deals with you? I'm thinking...every week. Because let us not forget how inexpensive it can be to love books, and love collecting them even more!

5 for less than $5

Here's the thing, though: not everyone is my kinda reader. I like to share happy, lighthearted, often YA, almost always romance-flavored books. Sometimes psychological based nonfiction. Occasionally a really well written contemporary. So if you're looking for thrillers, I'm not ya girl. can still find great deals on those in the places where I find my deals, so if you still want $5 off a $25 purchase at Book Outlet, here ya go. :)

Here are 5 books under $5 right now that I think are worth the read!
(Keep in mind that if you're reading this after March 2022, prices and availability may have changed!)

Summer Days Summer Nights Book

Summer Days and Summer Nights (edited by Stephanie Perkins)
If you only grab one, make it this! I read this adorable anthology on a beach a handful of summers ago, and it was THE BEST relaxing summer reading experience. This book has a collection of 12 short stories written by bestselling YA authors, and there is something for everyone! There is a great collection of couples and scenarios in here - I think there's even a weird one involving a sea monster? They are so fun to read, and every time I see this book I wish there were more like it so I could have the same reading experience again! There's a wintery/holiday one out there, too, but the world for sure needs another collection of summery stories.

Open Road Summer

Open Road Summer by Emery Lord
Do I have Summer on the brain? Hmmm maybe. We've got a little fake spring going here in Buffalo this week, and it's got me thinking about warm, lazy days of reading on my backyard patio. Great time to stock up on books to get ready for that! This one was so fun and indulgent because it brings you on tour with a pair of high school age best friends (one of them is a famous singer) and gives you a glimpse into their angsty love lives. When I was their age, I wanted to BE Britney Spears and I loved any backstage glimpse of her life that MTV put out there (ya I know, yikes), so this was super indulgent for early-teens me. Perfect one for something light-ish and fun.

Just a Boy and a Girl

Just a Boy and a Girl in a Little Canoe by Sarah Mlynowski
Not exactly hitting you with a literary masterpiece here, but if you're still feeling the summery vibes, like to visit summer camp with some angsty teens, and enjoy getting whisked away in the drama of other people trying to figure out their dating's an affordable one for you. I read this last summer and it was quick and indulgent, though maybe the dancing around cheating was a liiittle on the cringe side. You decide if it's your cup of tea!

Only a Breath Apart

Only a Breath Apart by Katie McGarry
Here's one that's angsty for totally different reasons - childhood boy/girl best friends that went their separate ways in high school are then tasked with smoothing things over as a condition of a will. They both have a tumultuous past with their families, and it makes for a very emotional and invested experience. There's some woo-woo stuff going on surrounding a curse, and I love that sort of thing so I appreciated what it added to the story. While possibly triggering for some, I loved this book and could not put it down. The characters and their strained relationship stuck with me long after I finished it!

Virtually Yours

Virtually Yours by Sarvenaz Tash
And finally, this book is unlike most YA and romance that I've read. It's so unique! A college freshman at NYU decides to give virtual dating a shot. The program allows you to design your own avatar, so when she meets with her matches and one of them happens to be her ex-boyfriend, he can't tell that it's her. He's not her only match, though, and one of the others becomes her in-real-life friend. It's really fun and exciting to watch what unfolds!

Okay, so - before you add any of these to your cart, let me hook you up with a coupon. THIS link will get you $5 off a $25 order at Book Outlet if you've never shopped there before. They sell overstock books, and at times, scratch and dent copies that have little flaws like, a dog eared front cover, or a slash on the back from someone cutting open a box too enthusiastically (still totally readable, though, and those copies are even cheaper than the overstock ones!)

They get new books all the time, so it's always fun to explore, AND - you can earn points each time you order and take their monthly survey, which will eventually add up to a gift card you can use to buy even more books. It's ridiculous, really. I'm so sorry for hooking you on them. ;)

This post contains affiliate links! In this posts' case, I will not make any money off your clicks or purchases, but I may earn rewards (points at Book Outlet, a free book at BOTM, for example). I appreciate every little bookish bit, and I hope you love your new affordable books, too! xx

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