Monday, June 6, 2022

Summer Prep List (Freebie)

Life has been inching along, despite so many worrisome uncertainties. 

Everything feels like a weird balance as a parent right now, doesn't it?

summer essentials list freebie

Trying to find the place between taking care of yourself and your family, making memories, living life to the best available degree, and staying aware and active in today's issues. We're living in some crazy times.

June in particular is always a very busy month for us. There are field days and celebrations at school, half days and exam schedules to stay on top of, camping plans on the horizon, family visiting - it's just always chaos. Something that I tend to overlook every year is the prep I could do to make our summer days a little bit easier.

You know - the things to have on hand for hungry kids or for unexpected visitors. 

I was thinking about it recently - knowing that this summer will be extra-busy with one son on a swim team, and all three of them hitting ages where they want to have their friends over full time. So knowing that's coming for me soon (with less than three weeks left of the school year), I thought I should make a list of things to collect in time for the summer craziness. 

And maybe it would be helpful to you, too?

I realize we are one of the last districts in the country to end the school year, so you may already be into your summer vacations. But, I think this is helpful regardless. My list accounts for everything from last minute dinner guests, to thirsty or overheated kids, to spontaneous evening campfires, to endlessly snacking teenagers. 

So, just in case it helps anyone get prepared for the summer crazies, grab your list of summer household essentials here:

Summer Household Essentials List

Happy Summer :)

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