Thursday, November 17, 2022

Want my Thanksgiving Shopping List?


Since 2004, Thanksgiving has kind of been "my" holiday. Matt and I moved away from home that year, and we had family come visit us (my MIL even traveled on a plane with a pie in her lap) and our family basically taught little baby us how to host a Thanksgiving dinner. I picked up so many pointers and family recipes from both sides of our families, and ever since, I've loved waking up early to do some online shopping before getting my stuffing going with the Macy's parade on in the background. 

I freaking love Thanksgiving.

We're obviously only a week away, and I personally start buying certain shelf-stable ingredients a bit at a time in October. I get a little bit more every week so that my week of Thanksgiving bill isn't outrageous. That said, this might be a bit late, but I'm sharing it anyway just in case someone can use it!

Thanksgiving Shopping List (free printable) |

It's a PDF that you can save and print, with a bit of room for your personal extras. I organized it in the timing I usually shop for these ingredients, but keep in mind that the 4-5 weeks before is the longest list and I spend several weeks buying all of that - I don't do it all at once.

Before I share, here's a few notes, and the menu this is based on:

mashed potatoes
green bean casserole
candied sweet potatoes
cranberry sauce (canned & homemade)

cream cheese celery

chocolate peanut butter pie
pumpkin pie

Everyone's menu is different, of course, so only grab this if it's close enough to yours to be useful! Also - I sometimes make rolls myself, sometimes buy them frozen, and sometimes skip them all together, so I didn't add anything to the list since I wing it every year. We also might have some other family members bring salad, corn, or broccoli, and there are usually other desserts as well. This is just based on the tried-and-true basics.

I also didn't mention anything about drinks on this list since everyone is different, so you may want to add in a chardonnay or prosecco, maybe a sparkling juice for the kiddos. Pumpkin ale? Seltzer? Whatever tickles your fancy.

Grab the list HERE!

I'm signing off for the holiday, so I hope you have a wonderful, beautiful, lovely Thanksgiving! xo

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