Monday, December 5, 2022

Cozy & Rych

I have something to share, and a bit of a story to tell.

Last week at this time, what I'm about to tell you wasn't even on my radar. I was in "Christmas is coming" mode with a side of therapy and upcoming scary things that I avoided thinking about. (Still kinda doing that last part, but it is what it is.)

One morning, Matt and I were up early, having our coffee by the tree and I floated an idea by him. It was something I'd been thinking of doing for a few months, and hesitating to pursue because I'd done similar things in the past and found it to be a huge pain in the tush. He liked the idea, though, so I started to consider it.

A few hours later he came to me and said, "Why don't we do it together? We always have these separate ideas and then take it all on ourselves, but maybe we could do a really good job if we do it together."

Instant motivation. I spent the entire day doing research.

The next morning, our dog woke us up at 4:30am. It sucks when that happens (sometimes it's a cat), but with all this new information swimming around in my head, I proposed that we pour our coffee and make some plans. We spent the next two and a half hours answering every question that needed answering, and had an entire business plan before the kids were even up to get ready for school.

(Two ADHD brains equals 10 neurotypical brains when approached with a puzzle. I'm a hot mess, let me have this.)

I hyperfixated the heck out of our idea for the next few days, spending countless hours on my laptop to get all of the little nitty gritty details ironed out...and today, I'm so excited to share it with you.


Cozy and Rych shop name in a minimalist green wreath

A family-run online shop that focuses on cozy, hygge-inspired apparel, accessories, and d├ęcor with a hint of hometown Buffalo, NY pride.

Okay, first, if you don't know what hygge is, here you go: Hygge on Wikipedia

We're basically focusing on selling items that make you cozy, comfy, and give you all those warm fuzzy feels. I personally like the idea of hanging out in that vibe, even when I'm working hard on making the shop a success.

To get started, we have a shop-wide grand opening sale going on now! Everything is 10% off for the rest of 2022! However, because we are brand-brand-brand new (as in, have yet to make our first sale lol) I want to share an extra offer in the hopes you'll do us a solid and leave us a review? It would mean the world to us and help us get up and running!!

You can click the link above, or use code EARLYSHOPPER to get 20% off this week only. We may do it again very soon, but I set it up this way because December 10th is our supplier's last-chance order date to attempt to get your items before Christmas. We can't promise it will make it in time, but that's your best shot at having it in your hands on Christmas morning. :)

So, what do we have? 

Well, we started pretty simple but solid. There's hoodies, crewnecks/sweatshirts, a couple tees, mugs, journals, and a little bit more. We plan to branch out with more items basically constantly, so to keep up with our new items follow us on Instagram and like our page on Facebook! They'll both be churning out the goods starting this week!

While our items are all under the cozy, cuddly, comfy, self-care realm, our designs cover a range of interests. There's lots there to celebrate rest and hygge, but there's also lots of Buffalo area items for the locals!

Here's a few of my personal favs....

Subtle Forest Hoodie - military green hoodie with small, subtle grey every green trees
Secret Forest Hoodie

Josh Allen's Imaginary Girlfriend sweatshirt - grey crewneck with black text
Josh Allen's (imaginary) Girlfriend Sweatshirt
(this one has a black 17 on the back, too!)

Birch Forest Mug - white birch trees with a small red cardinal on a white mug
Birch Forest Mug

Touchdown Tee - grey short sleeve tee with allen and diggs numbers
Bills Touchtown Tee
(we have this design on other items, too!)

Gorgeous Girls Drink Coffee Mug - white mug with pink handle and grey text
Gorgeous Girls Drink Coffee Mug

Hygge Minimalist Sweatshirt - navy crewneck with simple white script
Hygge Minimalist Sweatshirt

That is just a little sampling, and the hope is to have new items every few days!

Let me know what your favorite pieces are - it helps me narrow down what designs and items to focus on! And remember, use the code EARLYSHOPPER to get 20% off through Saturday! It's my little thank you for giving us a shot and leaving us a review! xo

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