Monday, January 16, 2023

Cozy Gift Idea for Tea Lovers

I know we just finished up gift-giving season, but I wanted to share this idea I keep thinking about in case you run into a need for it this winter. 

You know, for like a housewarming kind of situation, for a friend going through a rough patch, a January birthday that becomes as last-minute situation because Christmas made you forget (I have one of those in my house). It would make an amazing teacher appreciation gift, too - they deserve all the love!

It's a perfectly cozy, hygge little gift that's perfect for navigating the next couple months. A sweet little self-care bundle that will show nothing but love to its recipient.

cozy tea lovers or self-care gift - 1

Grab a cute basket, arrange your goodies inside, and give the gift of a cozy tea time. These are some personal favorites, and if I received this gift? I'd drop everything and craft the coziest, most hygge evening.

Here's where to find it all (working from top to bottom, left to right):

If you want to go even more over the top, throw in a fluffy blanket or fuzzy socks, maybe bake them some cookies and tie them up in a sweet little package. Perfection!

PS - you can totally give this gift to yourself. ;)

Happy Hygge! xo

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