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Revisiting my Eras - Part 2 (2013-2016)

If you didn't catch the first post, I started a series where I share photos from the many phases of life I've gone through over decades of blogging. It's a trip so's so interesting to see all the versions of myself in one place. I've worn a lot of metaphorical hats.

Today, we're hopping in around 2013.


The year started with some much anticipated renovations on our kitchen. So at first, I was in a home renovation era. I fancied my style to be an updated shabby chic mixed with scandi sort of thing...all flowers and pastels and lace - pops of color against lots of bright white. I wanted to redo the whole house with that vibe.

But, pretty soon, I was pregnant again. (Hey, look at that! A photo from my big camera that isn't of my kids!) This pregnancy was....a doozy. I was fully depressed. I didn't know enough back then to do anything about it or seek help....I was just waiting out the months. It's sad to look back at. My entire 2013 was just one long, sad, waiting pattern.

When Jake came in the fall, though, my entire world changed. He and I shared the most calm, connected, sweet relationship. There was no stress. We co-slept, we dream fed, he nursed until he was two, and I wore him everywhere. We were just one unit. I saw the brotherhood forming between my boys, and I fully stepped into my "boy mom" role.


Fully, fully. This photo was from a babywearing partnership I did for an old blog. Being a mom to three boys was my entire life. It was what I did, who I was, how I spent my time.


In 2014...well, let's just pause a second to appreciate how kick-ass my garden was that year. Seriously off the chain.

Anyway, as I was saying...I turned 30. Eep. Yeah, it was emotional to say the least. The birthday happened, and a couple days later I dropped my first baby off at Kindergarten and my second baby at preschool. You guessed it - I was a wreck. It was too many milestones, too much growth all at once. So, ya know, I had a bit of an emo moment.

And then, entered my craft era.

I was always sort of in one. I'd been scrapbooking for years, sewing since high school, dabbling in a bit of everything always. But this is when it was a pretty strong presence in my life - enough to call it an era. I started thrifting a lot at this time, too, and mixing my finds with my crafts. It went pretty well with that whole modernized shabby chic thing.

This is when I taught myself embroidery. And then didn't stop.

I opened an Etsy shop selling crocheted coffee cozies and little reusable microwavable hand warmers. I had one really great holiday season with the shop and then crickets forever before I gave up. I think after the initial excitement, people realized they never brought their cozies along with them and just preferred the paper ones Starbucks give you. Because that's exactly what I realized myself, haha.

I was blogging my little heart out - fixing up rooms in my house and taking photos, documenting everything I cooked, working with brands, coming up with useless tutorials. Blogger-crafter era with 3 kids was a trip. I just so desperately wanted to make money for our household and never, ever leave my babies.

This was also the start of my PTA era, by the way. I was involved in basically everything, and before long I'd end up on the dang board. Still not sure how that happened. There were some who were even vying for me to be President, which was a huge nah-nah-nah.

There I go, planning parties again. We went to Disney that year and Henry was *obsessed* with Mickey Mouse at the time. So I planned a big Disney party for him that summer...complete with a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse bounce house, a pinata from the Planes movie, and all kinds of Mickey and Big Hero 6 stuff. 

And then! I entered my puppy mom era. I'd never owned a dog as an adult! It was such an unexpected and round-about way that lead us to our girl. Let's just take a second and appreciate how stinking cute she was with a couple more pictures...

Being Galli's new mom was truly an era - she was a handful. We didn't know until later that she is part Weimaraner and has allllll the social anxiety that comes along with the breed. For over a year, we couldn't leave her alone. When we tried, she'd poop everywhere. Like...violently. It was horrifying and disgusting and awful. And then one day? She over it.

She's still a bit of a headcase about being away from us, but she ended up growing into the PERFECT dog. No joke - she's incredible. So sweet, so loyal, so patient, so lovey. She's just the best.

This was also the start of a new fashion era for me....

It started with discovering resale shops on Instagram and buying resale thrifty clothes. I loved finding unique things for super cheap and making outfits out of them.

I remember when this scarf had a crazy $5 deal and I was like...omg, everything is coming together. (LOL) I had a real moment with this thing. Ohh the Alex & Ani bracelets. Remember the endless tinkling sound anytime a group of millennial women got together?

I also started bargain hunting Target's clearance section and...well that's a whole other era that's coming up next, but this was the start of it. I still wear that cardigan around the holidays!

Layers and interesting combos became my jam. Probably because that's when I discovered Matilda Jane's women's line. Oh yes...that's the next era on deck, and it's a big one. Prepare yourselves for flowers and patterns galore!

Until next time ;)

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