Monday, January 9, 2023

I do actually have a few resolutions...

They're just different this year.

More chill. More long-game. Less urgent.

I've definitely felt a shift lately. The last six months maybe? Things are still wild some days, and very often exhausting. But since the start of EMDR (trauma therapy) and meds that I avoided for a long time for no real reason...there's so much less grasping at air, looking for holds that aren't there, furiously paddling upstream. 

Many days are hard, but it's all starting to feel more.....possible.

And this is what I want to do with those possibilities.

1. Do at least a tiny little bit of yoga every single day (preferably more than a tiny little bit).

2. Keep the shop growing, make it an asset to our family as soon as possible, and spread the cozy, restful vibes far & wide.

3. Be with my books. Spend time with them and give them their due diligence - finish one every Saturday.

4. Declutter & Feng Shui my house, one corner at a time.

5. Get brave enough to tackle my appointments and the big scary work.

Not ready to elaborate on the last one, but so far I'm kicking butt at the rest. 

Matt and I have been doing Yoga With Adriene's 30 Day Center journey. We've been doing this every January for years...this might be our 5th year? It's the best. I'm so hibernate-y in winter and I need something cozy I can do from home. It's *perfect*. And she has enough other videos to last through the whole year. Though some days the most I will manage is a couple sun salutations, but it all counts!

Cozy & Rych grows a little every day - with new items, new customers, new feedback, new ideas. It's lit up my whole life. I love what it is and where it's going!

The book thing is because I noticed something about my 100 book year vs my 55 book year. The first was fun and productive and I accomplished a lot, but I couldn't remember the books. Like really remember them. And I started longing for the experience of having a relationship with a book one at a time, in a meaningful way. This is how I'm finding balance...being buddies with one book a week and taking it in with all the senses, in all the little moments.

Number four is going down on my Instagram stories, if you want to check it out. You'll get the best idea of what a whole hot mess I actually am.

That's my 2023. Way more simple (but more meaningful, and somehow bigger??) than all the years before it. There's something to this mental health thing, man.

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