Friday, January 6, 2023

7 Hygge Things To Do This January (plus thoughts on having a focus)

I might be speaking too soon (considering the worst of it usually strikes me in February), but I don't feel my seasonal depression creeping in this year.

I can thank therapy for a lot of that - and, you know, starting an antidepressant and more vitamin D than I ever knew I should be taking. (Spoiler: it's a whole lot.) But I also think it's a bit of renewed purpose and focus.

You know what I kept thinking about after I wrote my last post?

I used to really hype up all these little facets of my life because I was so desperate for direction. I don't know if it's human nature or my ADHD, but I *need* a major focus in my life. One all-consuming thing. That's not to say that I don't still need balance or variety - I do. But without one major driving purpose, I just sort of float around in a sea of too many interests that I'm only 80% in on. When I have a focus, the intentionality of all those other things come into focus.

Does that make sense? 
(This could absolutely be a neurodivergent thing.)

My shop has given me that one purpose - in a way that highlights all the other facets of my life as these beautiful, glittering pieces of joy. It's like I finally baked the cake and now I can add the sprinkles in a beautiful way. Before I just had a big messy tub of sprinkles and I'd spill them constantly.

Weirdly, being more busy, having more work to do has finally highlighted and made the space in my mind and my heart for the things I'm constantly striving to do. 

Each month, as I focus on hygge and my shop and intentionality - on the sprinkles that make up my life while I'm working on perfecting my cake - I want to share a list of the ways I'm sprinkling joy and contentment into my every day.

They're simple - not big, not resolution-y, not unattainable. Just sweet little moments that we can find in these 31 cold days. Want to do them with me?

a list of hygge activities to do in January over a snowy, cozy window

Enjoy! xo

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