Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Bella Chic & Bella Kids Spring Sale Preview!

I am for sure in my thrifting era right now, and last night I got to do something so cool.

I don't know what luck snagged me an invitation to a preview night of the spring Bella Kids & Bella Chic Consignment sale, but it happened, and I'm beyond thrilled that it did. It was such a cool night!

Bella Kids and Bella Chic Consignment Sales of WNY
If you're not familiar with Bella kids or Bella Chic, allow me to introduce you to a seriously fun shopping experience! Those of us in the Buffalo area get the absolute joy of attending these huge sales to hunt for exciting secondhand finds while saving all kinds of money. When my boys were little, I used to go to Bella Kids sales all the time to stock up on affordable brand name clothes, toys, and baby gear. I was able to get so much for them at such great prices!

Now that they're bigger, I'm not hunting for as much for them (I'm still after some track pants and hoodies for them, though, because I feel like we can never have enough). Lucky for me, Bella Kids branched off to include Bella Chic for women. So now there's a little brand name (mostly luxury brands) resale women's boutique right there in the big Bella Kids sale! That's what I studied the most last night, naturally. ;)

First of all, don't underestimate the scope of this sale. It's absolutely, incredibly, shockingly massive. There are an actual department store's worth of retail goods in this sale space. You can get a much better view of this on my Instagram stories - I seriously couldn't get over how huge this sale is shaping up to be compared to the years prior! There is something (many somethings) for legitimately everyone!

While I combed through the Bella Chic area of the sale, I came across Lilly Pulitzer, Vineyard Vines,Luxury Brand Name Women's Clothes at the Bella Chic Consignment sale - I found some amazing Lilly Pulitzer and Vineyard Vines pieces!Tory Burch, Michael Kors, Draper James, Lululemon, Adidas, and so much more! All at more than fair prices. And by filling your closet with these environmentally friendly second-love pieces, you're supporting the local families who consign at these sales! Super cool, and it makes me feel better about my tendency to scoop up a little too much (lol).

As a perk for the event, I was allowed to set aside 10 pieces to come back for and pick up during their VIP day on Thursday. I didn't have time to find all 10, but I did grab some *amazing* Lilly Pulitzer & Vineyard Vines goodies that I am so excited to go back for tomorrow! When I brought them to the counter to be reserved, I was told that several team members had their eye on the Lilly dress I'd picked, and if I didn't come back for it, one of them was sure to give a good home. Sorry team, but I WILL be back for it. haha (Do you SEE that gorgeousness?! Wait til I show you it all up close tomorrow!!! Also: did I mean to shop in Bella Kids' color scheme? I did not, but clearly I was on their wavelength 😂)

As I mentioned, I didn't have time to look at absolutely everything, but I spied some seriously great things! I'm kinda hoping some of the things I couldn't make up my mind about will still be there tomorrow....eek! It's so hard when you find something and know there aren't doubles and triples waiting for you - as a thrifter, you have to scoop up those finds when you find them or you may never come across them again!!!

There are a couple full racks of incredible luxury brand name purses and handbags for amazing prices at Bella Chic this week!One thing I did notice, though, were these very full racks of seriously amazing purse deals. A couple that stuck in my brain: a super cute neutral Kate Spade Crossbody that was only $16 (sixteen dollars!!!!!) and a really great full-size Michael Kors in a versatile tan leather (or leather-ish material) for $25. There was also a really cute pair of Michal Kors casual sneakers that are my exact size and I talked myself out of reserving because I have a sneaker problem as it is (oops) but if they're still there tomorrow......fate, right? ;)

I am obviously very attracted to the women's side of things (what, with my rabid thrifting obsession and my household of messy teenage boys that don't know navy from black), but it would be a serious disservice to not point out some of the kids goodies for those of you that still get to have fun shopping for adorable little ones! I'm so sorry I didn't take more pictures of those things for you (I will tomorrow ahead of the public sale, I swear)...but there are racks and racks (and racks and racks and racks) of clothing for boys and girls from preemie right on through teens. My eyes landed on the boys clothing in sizes 16 & 18 and I got a little thrill realizing I could find some deals for my picky, growing-like-a-weed teenager. He is SO hard to shop for, so I love that despite Bella Kids being known for their goodies for the itty bitty kiddos, they even have pieces for my big guys!

Not to mention - toys? So many toys. So, so, so many toys. Plus bike helmets, life vests, bikes, trikes, wagons, more baby gear than you can even imagine! ALSO: there's an extra surprise announcement about something incredible that they're offering at this sale that will be shared sometime tonight! You won't want to miss it - it's the kind of deal I would have lined up for as a new mom! (Follow them on Instagram HERE and HERE!)

Oh, and while we're here, let me show you just a tiny snippet of some of the adorable things I did manage to grab a picture of:

You guys know with my Matilda Jane history and lack of girls in my household, I'm always drawn to the adorable girls' things! And um, yes...there's even Lilly for the littles! At the front of each rack of clothes is a boutique/boogie section so if you want only high-end brand names, you know where to go! 

I'm not sure why you wouldn't add this sale to your calendar this weekend at this point....??? lol ;)

I know, I've given you A LOT here, but before I go I just want to give a little special thank you to the ladies that put on last night's event to share this awesome sale with us! They were not only super sweet and great to chat with, they introduced us to some great local businesses by gifting us goodies!

Jo's Event Carts was there with their DIY floral bouquet cart, which was so adorable and so much fun to do! I've loved putting little bouquets together with grocery store flowers so this was totally up my alley and I was so excited to take home my own bouquet!


Eat Joe Cupcake was there with *amazing* cupcakes - I went for the chocolate peanut butter one, but I heard good things about all of them! So, so good.

And when we left, we got an awesome goodie bag from Oh Goodie Bags! There was a lot of awesome in all the local businesses represented!!

We had a great time! It was so good to see how much this sale has grown, meet some really awesome women entrepreneurs, and you know...get a head start on the shopping ;)

Here are all the details so you can check it out this weekend!


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