Friday, March 31, 2023

Springy Friday Favorites

It doesn't really feel like it yet here in Buffalo, but it's *finally* spring, and the vibes are creeping in. Here's a handful of my early Spring favs! (Linking up with Friday Favorites today!)

Blue Hydrangeas
My love of hydrangeas isn't new (you might remember when I got obsessive about the hydrangeas I brought home from a trip to the lake a couple summers ago), but lately I've been particularly drawn to the white and blue ones. Without even meaning to, whenever I stepped foot in a store this month, I'd come home with something that had blue hydrangeas on it. I've gotten tea towels, wall décor, a plate, even some stems of those amazing real-feel faux blooms. I just love them so much! And for whatever reason, shades of blue just organically coming from nature fascinate me more than all the other colors. I'm so, so into this range of blues right now, and I'm not sure if it's because of the hydrangeas, or if I'm into them because of the blues, haha.

Studying Spanish
You can see more about what lead me to this particular endeavor here, but I've been practicing Spanish every morning and most nights for over 50 days now! Not for any reason other than I felt like it, and I missed learning a language. I studied Spanish for seven years when I was younger, and it always kind of bothered me that I just let it go. I don't have any plans for what to do with it...I just enjoy learning it, and love adding this skill to my life!

*Contented Sigh*…this is the real love of my life right now. It's not, you know, the best for our bank accounts, but my affection for thrift shopping is at an all-time high. (I hope you're ready for more thrifting content, because it's coming here to the blog!) There's just something about the thrill of the hunt, the zing of finding an amazing piece for just dollars, getting creative with outfits and home décor in ways you wouldn't have if you just picked up a ready-to-go item from any other store. (Don't get me wrong, I love my Target and Nordstrom!) If thrifting speaks to your heart, too, check out the Pinterest board I just made - I'm accepting collaborators who want to pin their thrifty posts, too!

Refining My Style
As winter was coming to a close, a little storm of things sort of came together to inspire this one. My deepening love of thrift shopping, my overflowing closet, and my shifting lifestyle. This lead me to doing some deep dives into what exactly I want to have in my closet, and what my personal style actually is. I'm all over the map! Which, is a little true of most things in life. (ADHD problems.) Yet the older I've gotten, the more I've been drawn to a specific few styles. My favorite lately (and the one I've been building through thrift shopping) is something I'm calling Coastal Prep meets Pretend Old Money. (haha) Think...Ralph Lauren, Vineyard Vines, Lilly Pulitzer, JCrew, Nautica. You know? Anyway, I have a lot more to chat about where this is concerned coming up soon, but for's a Pinterest board I've been using to collect inspiration:

Making Little Flower Arrangements
I've been loving picking out a few coordinating bunches of flowers (usually from Trader Joes) and putting them together into my own little arrangements. I made one for St. Patrick's Day, one for my Spring décor, and then - I met an actual local vendor that offers DIY flower bouquets for events! It was the weirdest (and coolest) timing! (Are you shocked to see hydrangeas in my arrangements? haha)

PS- if you're a WNY local and you're interested in the DIY bouquet vendor I mentioned, they're called Jo's Event Carts and I shared a little more (plus photos!) on my post about the Bella Kids sale. Scroll down to peep!

I'm off to get some work done and prepare for a week+ of my boys being home on spring break (yay for not packing lunches for the next ten days!). Thanks for stopping by, Happy Friday!


  1. The blue hydrangeas look so pretty in your flower arrangements!