Friday, April 14, 2023

My High-End Luxury Brand Spring & Summer Thrift Haul from ThredUp!

Hey, lovelies! How's spring treating ya? (Three cheers for spring!)

The sunshine and flowers are switching my style vibes drastically lately, and I wanted to show you some of the amazing spring & summer deals I recently scored from ThredUp. As someone who loves to sprinkle high-end designer brands into my closet but is on a realistic budget, I'm always on the lookout for great deals. (Thrifting era what?) This was suuuch a good haul. I'm obsessed!

A preppy coastal secondhand clothing haul from for Spring & Summer 2023

Before I dive in, a note:

Don't let the higher-than-thrift-and-consignement-stores pricing make you shy about checking out ThredUp. Despite the fact that you won't always find a mint condition Lilly Pulitzer or Kate Spade for only a few dollars vs going to a Sal Val, everything on their site is a seriously good deal and worth the few extra dollars because it's all so good!

Not only that, it's so much easier and faster to sort through their site by brand, price, condition, style - you name it. I adore shifting hangers at thrift stores to find secondhand treasures, and I'm not at all being paid to say this (truly!), but when you want something specific, you want it to be nice, and you want it for a deal - ThredUp is a seriously good option. It's a totally online thrift shop focused on name brand fashion and accessories for a fraction of the price. And it just shows up at your house! (Cheers for that, too!)

Okay, on with the finds!

First up, I found this amaaazing silk Lilly Pulitzer tank! It's so soft, light and flowy, it'll be perfect for super hot summer days. I paid $15 for this, and while I struggled to find an exact match, it would retail for anywhere between $40-100 new! This would never see the inside of my closet if I didn't find it secondhand!

These were not meant to go together, but I was searching for some non-denim shorts and noticed that the blue of this JCrew pair would go really well with the blue in that Lilly tank. They're super comfy (like a linen/cotton blend maybe?), and they were only $6.60! And there's one full outfit ready to go already!!

Next, I snagged this navy Vineyard Vines pullover for $11.55! I found this one still listed on their site for $98! What is, 88% off? Yes, please! It's also way prettier and nicer in person - it was so hard to get it photo well! There's also no faded spot in the middle - that was a weird lens flare on my camera. :)

Next is another Lilly tank - this one from their athletic line. The blue on this one also works with those JCrew shorts, but it'll work with any kind of athletic bottoms, too. I paid $18.20 for this one, and it would likely be in the $40-80 range new. My only hang up: it says something about ponies and tennis but I didn't notice because the type was so small online. Oops! I don't do anything with ponies nor tennis...but, oh well...if it was too small to see online, it'll be too small to see in person, too, right? haha

This Vineyard Vines skirt seemed like it would be comfy (it is!) and work with several neutrals, so I scooped it up. It was only $8.40!

Speaking of comfy, I adore these Vineyard Vines striped Navy shorts! They are soo soft and fit so well. I paid $12 for them, and they're worth every penny! I love their coastal preppy vibe and I can't wait to style them this summer!

Next is a super versatile pair of chambray shorts from JCrew. They seem like a staple piece, but I didn't have a single pair. At only $7.70, they were perfect for filling that gap in my wardrobe!

I got another pair of Vineyard Vines shorts - this one in a pale green for only $7.60! Such a bright summery color that will work with a lot! Maybe even the silk Lilly tank?

Last but not least, I grabbed this ultra soft and cozy oversized tie dye tee from American Eagle. I'll probably wear it as pj's over the summer (I found a pair of pajama shorts that are tie dyed in these exact colors even though they're from another brand!), but it would be cute with denim shorts, too! It was $7.70.

So cute, right?

I've already worn the Vineyard Vines pullover and adore it. The rest is waiting for the warm weather to show up (it actually kind of is today?? But that won't be sticking around...this is Buffalo, after all).

Anyway, this was so much fun to put together. The pieces even came nicely folded and wrapped and barely even seemed secondhand! (Kudos to ThredUp on their packaging presentation!) 

See how amazing shopping secondhand can be??

Shopping secondhand not only allows you to build a wardrobe with nice high-end clothes on a budget, but it's also a sustainable option. Plus, you never know what amazing treasures you'll find! You get that sweet, sweet dopamine when you hunt for the goodies hiding in a sea of thrift donations.

So, dude - hack the system. Wear the nice things without anyone knowing someone owned them before you did! ("Nobody's gonna know, how would they know?" Is that tiktok sound ingrained in your brain forever, too? Yeah, thought so.)

If you want to give ThredUp a try, you can use my link right there and get $10 off your first order! (Not sponsored, just the regular referral link all users have!!) It's worth it - so, so fun!

Before you go, tell me which one of my finds is your favorite!! 

Happy Thrifting! xo

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