Friday, May 5, 2023

Cottage Envy: 5 Adorable Cottages That Will Make You Want to Move Right Now


I can't explain what is so utterly intriguing to me about adorable cozy cottages.

Maybe it's the way they feel like a little piece of a fairytale in the middle of real life. How sweet is the idea that people invest so much time into making dreamy, beautiful spaces that highlight the beauty of nature and the slow pace of life? Ugh, I envy it.

A Roundup of Adorable Cottages

So much so that I'm attempting to make my very suburban home as cottagey as possible. But it's a slow process when you're busy supporting the ever-evolving lives of three children, running an Etsy shop and a blog, and not being able to stop lending whole days to writing simply because your heart wants it.

Ya in progress.

I love to peek at sweet examples of the dream, though, to keep that cottagey feeling at the forefront of my mind. I love to picture a little wooded retreat with a sweet, cozy porch and an abundance of wildflowers behind a white garden gate. Sigh. Slowly, slowly.

For's a sampling of some of these adorable dwellings that have caught my eye. Just a sweet little Friday share for funsies. 

What I love: the filligaree details, those blue hydrangeas (heart eyes for days), those sweet porch rocking chairs. If the ceiling of that porch is painted haint blue, I will simply expire. 

What I love: those dainty details on the porch supports make me think of lace, which is just the sweetest. I adore the picket fence, and the shady trees. This makes me think of spending lazy summer days with a book in the very best way.

What I love: it's basically a dollhouse and yes, I would like to live in a life-size dollhouse, please. I love-love-love the garden arch, the lacy details on the porch, the contrast of siding and shingles on the left side (um hello the way the garden gate perfectly frames that half circle window?? can't have been a coincidence). I'm obsessed with all the flowers. And weirdly that exterior clock keeps catching my eye? Who knew that was charming - kind of makes it feel very Alice in Wonderland.

What I love: the idea of my home being absolutely swallowed by foliage. Can you imagine what this place smells like?! The freshness! Also, that blue picket fence? Maximum adorable.

What I Love: again with the being overrun with plants and flowers. Heaven. But also, this one looks like a sweet little farm dwelling, and while I think I'm entirely too lazy to run a farm in reality, there's something dreamy to me about the concept. 

Five is certainly not enough for me, but I'm going to stop there because I have projects on the to do list today that are actually cottage-focused and will bring me a bit closer to creating a dreamy dwelling of my own!

But, I've created a Pinterest board to collect more of these adorable homes, so you can dream a bit more with me there!

Have a gorgeous weekend, whatever you're up to!

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