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What I Read (Jan-Apr. 18)

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At the start of this year, I shared the list of books I read in 2017 and what I'd hoped to read in 2018....and honestly, those lists never quite go according to plan! haha It's totally fine...I just like to make these each year to give me ideas of things to search for on library trips and to keep me on track when I'm not sure what to read next!

Being that we're already a quarter of the way into 2018, which seems insane since it's been January for 27 months, I thought I'd check in and see where I stand for the year!

2018 Books so far | www.enrychment.com

From my original list, I've read 6 and started a 7th...not too bad! What usually happens is I'll request some from the library and find a bunch of randoms when I pick them up and get sidetracked ;)


God Listens by Lorene Duquin - I had to start the year with this one! This is the book that I have a couple of super-short stories published in. I wanted to set the tone for the year, where I'm carrying a lot of big dreams forward, with an accomplishment that isn't exactly mine, but still felt significant. I have conflicting feelings about the messages in some of the stories, but it was a really inspiring and comforting read overall!

Love, Life and the List by Kasie West - YA romances are one of my favorite genres (tied with spiritual/self-help), and Kasie West is one of my favorite YA authors. I didn't know what this book was about when I put it on my list, only that I knew I'd have to read it! It was super cute and fun, like all of her books!

The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need by Joanna Woolfolk - This book was SO interesting! It helped me understand a lot of about astrology that I didn't know before, including working out most of my birth chart. I loved everything I learned from this, but it did reference a website where you could generate your birth chart automatically a lot without actually providing the website! I kept stopping to look for it over and over again only to come up with nothing!! So that was frustrating, but this was an awesome resource!


How To Meet & Work With Spirit Guides by Ted Andrews - I never actually put a lot of the practices in this book into action, but the detail and descriptions in this book were so cool. I felt like it expanded my perception of reality in a really enlightening way - I want to buy this one to keep it as a reference!

Creating Money by Sanaya Roman - This one was SO GOOD! Despite the title making it sound like it's all about cultivating or manifesting money, it was so much more than that. It was all about feeling good, getting into a good vibration, visualizing pretty much anything, and understanding the motivations behind the things we want in life. It gave me a lot of clarity, and I spoke so highly of it, Matt checked it out from the library after me and he loved it just as much!

The Calm Center by Steve Taylor - This book is a collection of pseudo-poems that hit the nail on the head every, single, time. They were just quick 1-2 page works of deep thoughts that made you get introspective about certain aspects of life, and I felt like every single one of them was something I needed to hear. Matt read this one, too. Highly recommend it!!

Lily Dale by Christine Wicker - This is one of those books I grabbed from the shelf while looking for something else. My friends and I have been talking about taking a trip to Lily Dale this summer (it's about an hour away from us) and I was curious to learn about it. I didn't realize the story was more about a reporter's personal experience there, but it was still full of history and fun descriptions about this magical little town. I really loved reading this one!


Lagom by Niki Brantmark - Balance is something I'm trying to discover lately, and this book felt like a great place to start. Lagom is the Swedish word for "not too little, not too much" - and it's sort of a happy medium between our social consumerism and minimalism with a bunch of hygge thrown in. It was really interesting and comforting to read about.

Outrageous Openness by Tosha Silver - I loved this one - another jump off the library shelf at me book. I thought it would be more of a direct lesson type of read, when really it was a collection of short stories that demonstrated the concepts of openness, faith, trust, and more through real life experiences. It was both inspiring and calming to read. This is a great one to get the wheels turning!

Chasing Slow by Erin Loechner - This one has had a lot of hype over the past year or so, and I kind of wish I didn't notice that about a book before reading it because I always feel a little disappointed. This book was so highly regarded that I guess I was expecting it to be a little more profound. The writer has a beautiful and witty way with words that made it entertaining to read, but I felt like I was always waiting for that moment when the lesson would set in. Instead it was kind of an experimental lesson in wading through ideas that never really fully panned out, and I was left feeling like I wasn't sure of the point. I think the part that really got me is when I read an author with an active social media and they make mention of it in their book, I get curious and I go to see what they're really like. She'd made so many mentions of lessons in life around not needing to be perfect and beautiful and spotless, so I expected to see some actual real life on her Instagram. It was all gorgeous and curated and particular, and I felt really disappointed with that. It's frustrating to me when people speak of real life but aren't actually showing it.


Meet Cute by many authors - I already mentioned that YA romances are my very favorite, so I was soo excited to read a book full of short stories focused solely on the moment when couples first come together. It was as delicious and fun as expected, but I did find myself wishing for more of each story! The story about the late library book was probably my favorite!

The Siren by Kiera Cass - I LOVED the Selection series, so I've always been curious about this book! I happened to notice it on my last library trip and flew through it. It was super cute - maybe not as hooking and amazing as the selection series, but still great. It had a very interesting storyline with a totally different view of the ocean and juggling responsibilities, family, and falling in love.

Currently Reading

Change Your Story, Change Your Life by Carl Greer - This one is a little slow moving, but the ideas are so cool! I'm trying to learn to be more intuitive and trusting, and this is a great resource so far.

Only Love Today by Rachel Macy Stafford - I really love this one so far, but it's very slow moving. I read a few passages from it a day, but each one is very thought provoking and you kind of need to sit with it for a while. It's intended to be read that way (though tricky when it's a library book with a due date!), but does make getting through it a struggle! The messages inside are wonderful, however, and it's been a great way to wake up or end the day.

A Book That Takes Its Time by Irene Smit & Astrid van der Hulst - I just started this one yesterday because it was the perfect spring day! I bought this one on amazon a while ago, and was holding out for those warm mornings and afternoons on my patio swing where I could read this and get creative, and so far it's everything I hoped it would be!

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I'm just a little bit behind my typical reading pace, yet still on the path to hit my 40 book goal for the year. It's been fun so far, but I'm sure I will definitely turn towards more fiction for the warmer months - I usually do!!

If you've read anything you've loved yet this year, let me know! My favorites are YA and spiritual/self-help!

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