Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Pt. 6 - A new month.

DAY 18 - April 1, 2020

     I'm not sure why I find it so hard to commit to daily writing, but I wish I had! I have so many conflicting feelings all the time. I usually talk them out with Matt or Lynne or one of the Cassies and then writing it feels redundant. I'm always thinking about how scary this virus is and how worried I am that someone I love will get it, but I try not to focus on that. I try to instead be grateful for a slower paced life, oodles of time with the ones I love most, fitting in creativity and entertainment of all kinds. I've painted a lot. I made a collagraph and some prints of it. I watched through Schitt's Creek and have been working my way through Zooey's Infinite Playlist, Tiger King, and New Girl (again). But most of all, I've been excited to wake up to new things on Animal Crossing everyday, play with the possibilities, and connect with a tight group of family and friends that share their AC experiences together.

     The isolation itself hasn't been bad. I like it. Getting groceries and stuff for the house is getting more difficult and expensive, and now that the kids' school work is being graded for the 4th quarter, it's a little more stressful for all of us. Those are really the only hard parts, though. I'm so glad the boys have each other and so do Matt and I. We're very lucky to be "stuck" with our favorite people! Although, it hit 72 on Sunday and after the boys played with water balloons the traditional way, they started making small cute ones (their words), some with faces drawn on them, and calling them friends. Jake said, "we're making balloony friends because we can't make real friends right now!" Haha

     All things considered - we are lucky, grateful, happy, healthy, and blessed. Not bad (so far) for a global pandemic. I sure hope it stays that way. Happy April.

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