Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Pt. 7 - Isolation Bucketlist.

    Social Distancing Bucket List
  • Do some embroidery.
  • Take a bluprint creative class.
  • Do the Stay at Home Reading Rush
  • Send Mail to Grandparents, Friends, Sue from Tops, Neighbors.
  • Re-contact paper bathroom drawers.
  • Watch Schitt's Creek.
  • Watch Tiger King.
  • Make face masks for family.
  • Start a memory box for this time.
  • Start a physical routine with exercise the bike & yoga.
  • Do a zoom/houseparty night with friends.
  • Clean out the Christmas boxes.
  • Make a sourdough starter & bread.
  • Fill painting book with as many paintings as possible.
  • Decorate Jake's bedroom door like an aquarium. 

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