Thursday, May 7, 2020

Pt. 8 - A hilarious adventure.

DAY 20 - April 3rd, 2020

     For some reason, seeing that this is day 20 of isolation really shocked me. Saying 3 weeks doesn't, but realizing that we're coming up on a month of not utilizing the outside world does. Funny how even when you understand the situation (and accept it), it can still shock you.

     I try to avoid the news and dwelling on the reality of the virus, but I still worry sometimes. Little striped squill bouquet.I fear how we will ever safely come together as a society again. Will the virus ever die off enough? Will we all catch it, maybe even again for some? This morning Jake woke up with a cough and I felt instant dread. I'm 90% sure it's allergy related, and it's gotten better all day, but it still scares me. Trying not to let it.

     Yesterday was a great yet hilariously ridiculous day. It was sunny, Jake and I picked flowers and decorated for Easter. I made chocolate chip cookies and a huge bulk produce order arrived. It was also the teacher parade day. Leading up to Thursday, we saw that our street wasn't on the parade route. We tried to make the best of it, though, so we packed a picnic lunch and drove to a friend's house to park and watch from our van. After a good 30 minutes of waiting, we realized that the parade was bypassing her street even though it was on the parade route we were given. Since we'd put so much time into it at this point, we drove around and tried two other spots on the route to hopefully catch the parade. We ended up parked on the street directly behind our house, which was one of the last streets on the route. Jake started to cry that he had to go to the bathroom, which made the wait pretty miserable. I joked that my kids forgot how to spend an hour outside the house!

     The parade finally went by and it was so great! Henry waved at every car while I filmed and we saw many familiar faces. His teacher spotted him and yelled, "We miss you!"

     Feeling accomplished, we turned around to go home. Only to discover that the parade was GOING DOWN OUR STREET! After all that!! When we pulled in the driveway just as the last parade cars passed our house I said, "Well, we had a hilarious adventure today, friends!" Figures!

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