Thursday, January 5, 2023

On Being Cozy & Content

Happy New Year.

Normally I'm teeming with things to say about the books I read last year and the new ones I want to read this year, my goals for this and that - I guess that's all still there in the background of my mind. But life has been a bit different lately. I'm not sure I can pinpoint how, exactly.

Winter Hygge scene with coffee and a blanket

So much happened in 2022 (most of it good), and I feel like I'm just still processing. That, and getting my footing with a new business and several other life-y things...I'm just taking it easy. Tackling life in a subtle hibernation-style the way winter is intended.

I've been so enamored with intentionality the last handful of months. Taking life as it comes, flowing with the seasons, embracing the elements of the moment. It's like my mind has fully shifted into a hygge way of seeing things, which makes it pretty obvious why I started my business with that concept.

You know what it was, really?

I'd had people over a few times in the fall - at the peak of my autumn decor and the start of the endless months where I make my home as warm and cozy as I possibly can for the sake of getting through the dark and cold. I had two separate people on two separate occasions say some version of "Your home is so cozy" or "You always make things so cozy"...."You create such a cozy home." 

I always looked at our 1950's ranch like it's small and inconvenient, but making things cozy is how I dealt with it. It's how I embraced it. 

Something about having several people call my home cozy (add my littlest sister to the list - she's always said she loves my house because of how homey it is) really struck me. I felt like...wait, am I the cozy girl? Is warm and inviting my vibe? Am I actually pulling that off in a noticeable way? 

It's funny how unaccepting of ourselves we can be sometimes.

I decided that I really liked that people were noticing that about me, and I wanted to embody that. I wanted to fully become the cozy girl. Hell yeah - cozy, self-care, contentment, rest. That's a vibe I'm willing to spend my every day in. We're here to enjoy, right? At least that's what my yoga teacher always says. We can do that every single day in the smallest of ways.

I shared a bit more about hygge and how it fits Cozy & Rych on my Instagram this morning, if you're interested.

I wish everyone the coziest 2023!

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