Monday, April 3, 2023

Cottagecore Weekly Menu Printables (Freebie!)

I've probably said it a few (or a few hundred) times that I hate meal planning. Worse than dishes, worse than laundry...the household task that gives me the most grief is meal planning.

There's a million reasons why, but I won't bore you with them.

Instead, I'll just tell you that writing out your menu on adorable menu sheets does help a little bit. (Like, just a tiny bit, but I'll take it.)

I recently made a super cute cottagecore meets farmhouse inspired set of menu planners with a cute washi tape vibe. I made one for most major holidays and seasons, put them together in an adorable set, and popped them up on Cozy & Rych.

I use them exclusively now (so cute), and while the set is super affordable (currently $4 for 8 seasonal designs, aka $.50 each! that you can print over and over again)...I wanted to gift one of them to you guys for free.

You know, because you're the real ones. ;)

I picked the most neutral of the bunch that will carry you through the entire year. You can use it every single week forever! 

But just in case you want to get extra adorable with it, check out the listing for all eight designs:

Adorbs, aren't they?

If you want the whole set, visit them on Cozy & Rych right here!

But if you're down with just the one neutral or want to give them a test drive, download your free printable PDF right here!

Enjoy, babes. Happy meal planning! xo

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