Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Bella Chic Spring 2023 Haul!

Remember that huge consignment sale I got to check out last week?

I know most people were hunting down the amazingly priced baby gear and filling their little ones' closets in the most adorable, affordable way possible. But ya girl was after all the discounted high-end goodness in the Bella Chic sale.

Times have certainly changed...I used to be the other kind of Bella Kids shopper.

Anyway, I'm still so amped over the pieces I was able to find! Let me show you this goodness 😍

Amazing High-End Brand Haul from the Bella Chic Consignment sale including Lilly Pulitzer, Vineyard Vines, and Michael Kors

First up is a lot of three Vineyard Vines Tees.

These are so soft and versatile for casual outfits in the spring and summer! If you get these brand new from Vineyard Vines, they're $45 a piece! You can get them cheaper at their outlets, though (somewhere in the range of $23-26) and that's where I've gotten mine before. Even so - this lot of three cost less than one at the outlet! And Vineyard Vines holds up well. It's a great brand to buy second-hand!

Summery Vineyard Vines T-Shirts

Retail Value: $135 ($45 each)   |   My Price: $22.50 ($7.50 each)
Total So Far: $22.50 for 3 pieces

I went into this sale hunting for Lilly, Vineyard Vines, JCrew, Lululemon, and a few others (all of which they had!) but didn't have sneakers on my radar. That changed pretty quickly, though.

I've been saying I want a pair of fully pink sneakers for a while now (never mind that I already have a pair, or that when I said that I meant I wanted a more athletic running sneaker...this is my rationalization, after all - haha). These are just the cutest shade of pink, and at this price I couldn't pass them up!

Pink Women's Converse Low Tops

Retail Value: $60   |   My Price: $9.50
Total so far: $32 for 4 pieces

Next up was another unexpected piece, but I spotted the little pink gingham detail in the side seam (can you spot it?) when I was browsing and was intrigued. It's a little big for me, but I think worn open or with the right outfit, this is going to be a perfect staple for summer as I lean towards that preppy coastal granddaughter vibe! And as a Vineyard Vines piece, it holds up!

Vineyard Vines Women's Oxford Blue Button Down Shirt

Retail Value: $78   |    My Price: $7.50
Total so far: $39.50 for 5 pieces

These shorts were one of the first things in my hands at the preview event last week - how could they not be?! I've been hunting for some scalloped-edge shorts (actually had several JCrew pair in my ThreadUp cart recently but they all got scooped up before I made up my mind). To find them in a pretty easy to style Lilly print in immaculate condition for a super-fair price? Such a win.

At checkout, the cashier commented that she couldn't believe they weren't the first things to go! That was because I was one of those sneaky influencers that had it stashed away for opening night ;) 

Lilly Pulitzer Buttercup Scallop Shorts Blue Tiger Print

Retail Value: $70   |   My Price: $24
Total so far: $63.50 for 6 pieces

At the preview night, I reserved 7 things. Three of which were for my sister, and the other four were pieces here on this post. These sneakers below weren't one of the four, but they almost were. I'd made the smart decision that I already owned too many sneakers and really didn't need more.

Except that they were my exact size. And a really great brand. And that never happens.

So they were the item I thought about while I waited for opening night. Did I jog right over to them when I got there and immediately toss them in my bag? Yep. Did I realize later that they kind of sort of resemble bowling shoes? Yep. But they were almost 90% off their retail price so...worth it. They'll go with so much!

Michael Kors Womens Brown City Sneakers Mocha

Retail Value: $100-125?   |   I Paid: $18.50
Total so far: $82 for 7 pieces

And then...*sigh*...the Lilly dress.

This was the very first item off the rack and in my hands at preview night. She. is. perfect. All the way down to the white lining inside. There's not a flaw to be found! This was so mint, it might as well have had the tags on it. 

What are the chances that she is also my size?? I was so, so lucky with this beauty. She's my first Lilly dress! I have shirts and shorts and tanks, but until now, no dresses. Yay!

Lilly Pulitzer Ardleigh Cracked Up Coral Dress

Retail Value: $109   |   My Price: $35
Total so far: $117 for 8 pieces

Okay, so...let's math it for a second.

My total came to $117 for these eight pieces, which is about $14.62 a piece. For high-end brands like these...that's amazing.

Especially considering their retail value is more than $552! 😳

But - I had a $25 Gift card. So I actually only had to pay $92, making them $11.50 each. Aka, 83% off!

Um, yes please!

As my taste has evolved over the years, this is how I find ways to upgrade my closet and fill it with things I'd never otherwise get my hands on! Shopping at outlets, thrift stores, consignment sales, online thrift stops - I find a lot of really special goodies for pennies on the dollar, and it's SO much fun. (Not to mention environmentally friendly!)

I plan to share so much more of this with you on the blog!

AND - Buffalo friends, don't miss the next Bella Chic/Bella kids sale! It's in August: just in time for back to school and stocking up on those cold weather cozies! It's happening 8/25-8/27 and if they stick to their current location, I just might consign with them again! 

Did you make it to this sale?? If you did, show me your best finds!

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