Friday, April 7, 2023

Lovely Springy Links for Easter Weekend

I am really (like, extra-really) into all of the vibes of spring this year. 

I've spent so much time just looking at spring aesthetic inspiration for everything from spring and easter outfits (love a good cute spring dress), to spring meals, easter crafts and desserts, floral arrangements - ugh, gimme it all!

So today, I'm rounding up some of my favorite spring vibes for you! Just in time for Easter weekend. Dive into all the florals, pastels, and bunnies with me! 

(Also, linking up with Friday Favorites today! I'll pop their photo at the end!!)

Lovely Spring Links for Easter and beyond! A Roundup of an ultra Springy Aesthetic including Easter desserts, Easter decorations, Easter Outfits, Easter crafts, Easter recipes, Easter florals DIY and more


I made this quick little reel this morning sharing a little dainty bouquet of striped squill that I picked from our front landscaping. This short article has some fast facts and great pictures of this (sometimes weed-like and invasive) flower that I find quite charming for dainty early-spring bouquets.

I'm attempting this 28-day spring cleaning challenge from simple green. It's a few years old, and you certainly don't need to stick to only their products of course, but they have lots of helpful tips on how to clean each of the things on the challenge on their website. I really like challenges with bite-sized things to accomplish!

I'm bummed that the blog connected to this photo is no-longer because I am obsessed with this blue speckled egg cake! It's so gorgeous. There are others out there, though! Like here, and here, and even a cupcake version. I didn't have this on my Easter menu, but now I wish I did! Maybe I'll find a way to sneak it in.

I've definitely mentioned a growing love of hydrangeas around here lately (it's maybe only rivaled by my love of lilacs). And I just so happen to have a Pinterest board for each of them! Yep, I've been digging up so many photos and inspiration of these two flowers that rank as the loveliest (in my opinion) that I needed a place to put them. If you love lilacs or hydrangeas, too, go follow those boards! (Just click on the names of the flowers.) They are so dreamy. I could look at them all day!

I've been getting the house ready to host Easter brunch with some spring cleaning (using that challenge above!) and slowly shifting decorations around until I love them. I've been decorating with the printable spring wall art I made for the shop, and they look sooo cute! You can check them out in the bundle at Cozy & Rych, but I posted some pictures of what I did with them in my house if you want to see them out in the real world!

How did I go this long without knowing (or even thinking about it myself???) that people do things with Easter eggs other than just buy the $2 dye kit and do what they can with it? The most I've ever done is add some glitter and colored crayons into the mix. Uh,  no. You can hand paint them. You can decoupage them with pretty napkins or tissue paper. I pinned a bunch of examples in my Easter board, but a few of my favorite examples are: these, these, these, and these. Def upping my egg game this weekend.

I really wanted to put a post full of thrifted Easter outfit ideas together, but just totally ran out of time. The hope was that I'd find my own Easter outfit in the process! So while I plan to shop my own closet this weekend, I've been looking for some inspiration. This post has some really helpful and realistic ideas - I found it super helpful! I wish I had time to get something like this or this, though!

I love the rustic Easter vibe, so this roundup was fun to sift through! The same blog has one for farmhouse Easter d├ęcor, which is similar, but a little less outdoorsy. Both are super cute!

I could go on a lot longer, but I'll let you get lost in Pinterest yourselves. ;)

Whatever you get up to this weekend, I hope you have the loveliest Easter! Yay for Spring!

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